Monday, December 1, 2014

How to Plan a Surprise Wedding in Three Days

Ever tried to plan a surprise wedding, a baptism and a stake activity in 3 days? Well, I have. But we can talk about that later.

Celebrating at the surprise wedding with Hermana A (Relief Society President) and Hermanas Martinez & Hansen

This has literally been the craziest week of my mission. And I absolutely loved it. I guess I'll begin by talking about all the awkward moments so we can get that out of the way.

 Hermana Hansen....Queen of the Gringas!

...When you accidentally put Musico PELUDO (which means: a very hairy man playing something musical) instead of Musico PRELUDO on the baptism program. Good thing we didn't make copies.

...When your in the middle of a lesson and someone comments on how small your lips are (most Mexicans have beautiful luscious lips. Unfortunately, I do not.) And suddenly all of the women in the room are arguing over my "labios sensuales". Nothing brings in the spirit like an argument over sensual lips.

 Learning how to make tamales with Mama C y Hermana M!!

...When you accidentally kiss a Mexican woman... on the lips. (I'm honestly surprised this hasn't happened before since every time we enter or leave a room we have to salud (greet) (and kiss) every single woman in the room. Luckily it was only Mama C.

...When some drunk Mexicans are yelling things at you because you are white and blond.... but this time you are with your District Leader and they are yelling super nasty and horrible things at you. And your district leader gets all protective and screams at them BUENOS NOCHES. And he tries not to act angry as says, "Ohhhh if I wasn't a missionary.... the things I would do to them...." And you just kind of awkwardly laugh because this happens all the time but of course your not gonna tell him that. Pobrecito (poor guy).

And last but not least....

When somehow a huge rat (more the size of a cat) enters your very clean house. Actually this isn't awkward.... it's more like the scariest moment of your life. 

 Hiding on the chairs from the giant rat while our rescue squad searches for it.

We climbed up on the chairs screaming, which sent it running, so we called our district leader crying, and he gave us permission to call some of the ward members to come help us. Hermana L., her brother...and Hermano G. came to our rescue. 
But, they didn't find it.... and let me tell you they searched THOROUGHLY. When we told Hermana L. how big it was....she said that this is very common. Apparently, there are even bigger rats here in Chiapas. Que....bonita. Needless to say we are in the process of looking for a new house. 

 Muy valientes (very brave)

So this week was a week of miracles.  
Hermano A. and Hermana I. got married, baptized, and confirmed all in a matter of 3 days! 

We've been trying to help them get married for about 2 months but they just don't have the money. They live in a tiny room, all four of them, that barely fits a bed, a stove, and a small fridge. But we got the ward to pay for some of it to help them out.

We fasted on Sunday for us to be able to get a date for them to get married, because all of the dates in the Registro Seville were for January. But our zone leaders hooked us up, and we got a call on Tuesday from a lady who could marry them on Friday at 7!

So, we jumped right on it and ran over to their house to tell them. But, we just love them and wanted it to be really then we ran over to Hermana I's house and asked if she could help us out with a dress. Later, as we were talking to our Casi Obispo (almost bishop) (we don't have a bishop) Hermano M, he said that he and his wife would help us out with the cake, a veil, and a bouquet.

A nice and wealthier lady in our ward helped us out with her house, and made dinner for everyone who came. Our district leader donated a white shirt and tie for Hermano A. The whole ward came together to help out for this somewhat of a surprise wedding!

Of course they knew they were getting married, but they just thought they were going to the Registro Seville to sign some papers.  When we showed up at their house to pick them up, Hermana I. was putting on her makeup using a tiny shard of glass. They are so poor they don't even have a mirror. Hermana V (Hermano M's wife) saw this and took off her very own pearl earrings to give to Hermana I. to use. Hermana V. doesn't have hardly any money either! I could not believe it!

The witnesses (unfortunately I'm American and so I couldn't be one)

The way the ward came together to help have a beautiful wedding for A. and I. was truly a miracle. They were so surprised and grateful. It was so beautiful! It wasn't like anything fancy.. but as I was eating my ham sandwich as we listened to an odd arrangement of music that included "I'm Sexy and I know it"... looking at A. and his new wife, I. ...I couldn't help but being so happy for them and so grateful to be a part of all of this. Because their lives really have changed because of the gospel. 

The next day, at their baptism, Hermano A. bore the most beautiful testimony. He has come such a long way, from having all sorts of drinking problems to being a great dad and example for his wife and family.

They have so much faith. The gospel really does change lives. I can't wait for them to take the next step and get sealed for eternity in a year. They really are my family here and I love them so much!! I have never ever met a family with their faith and their humility.

Cuidense mucho (take care),

Hermana Hansen