Saturday, August 30, 2014

You're Just a Dumb Little Trout...

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

To explain the title of my email....   
So every night we have a zone devotional where we watch a Mormon Message.  We were watching one about addiction.  Satan is the fisherman and we are all trout.  Once he catches hold of you, it's hard to escape.  So, as this is playing, I lean over to Hermana Bunderson and whisper "We are all just dumb little trout."

Well, she thought I said, "you're just a dumb little trout."  So now that's the endearing insult of the Hermanas...ha ha.  

Other funny things this week:

(The Trout idea what they're doing)

~I'm super passionate about everything. While we were sharing stories of our past life, I came to realize that Elder Shepherd has lived the life I always wanted to live. THE COUNTRY LIFE. I JUST WANT TO BE A COUNTRY GIRL. So I was getting very emotional about it and Elder Acosta just randomly started imitating me. He did a spot on impression. It was fabulous. He is so good at being a white girl.

~There has been a banana incident. Yes, you heard me right. Someone has been throwing a frozen banana in our classroom and the one next to us for 3 nights in a row around 8. And a few nights ago it hit me in the head. So I am out for revenge. I know, what would Jesus do? Probably take the frozen banana, make it unfrozen, and then give it to a starving child. But, I cant do that. There are no children here. And no one is starving. So the only option is retaliation. Last night, I went full CSI mode and stormed around Raintree with Hermana Bunderson searching for the Banana Bandit. We have some leads, but not a solid name yet. Don't worry, we now have a companionship assigned "Banana Watch" every night. We will find this Banana Boy.

 From Mama Steele! Our very own action figures!

~The other night the Hermanas were having a Les Mis sing-along in our living room. We were singing One Day More, and I was Marius. I couldn't find a flag anywhere. So I panicked while I was singing my big solo and tried to use my skirt as a flag. But as I was taking it off, it got stuck on my head.

I've learned so much this week about sincerity and working hard. 
We taught an "investigator" Monday.  (Sometimes Hermana Hansen's teachers roleplay different investigators for them to practice teaching).  It was really upsetting because the whole lesson the spirit was so strong, but I was struggling because I felt like I didn't know enough Spanish to express myself properly.

(This happens a lot, where I want to say something, but I don't know the vocabulary. So, I end up expressing myself in a round about way that doesn't really even get to the point).

He was talking about how he has tried to repent multiple times but the process is too painful. It was so heartbreaking. It was time to end the lesson and Hermana Baker didn't know what else to do.  So she handed the lesson back over to me.

My emotions overcame me and I didn't know what else to do so I just laid my head down in my hands and cried for a few seconds. Then I sat back up and tearily invited him to attend church on Sunday. He looked at me, and said of course he would. But, we got the impression it was only because I was crying and he didn't know what else to do, ha ha.

 So, as we are walking out, Hermano Snyder stops playing the investigator and tells us to come back in. He asks us why we thought he accepted the invitation to come back to Church. I said, "Because he felt bad that I was crying! That's a terrible reason!" Hermano Snyder said, "No, it was because he could see and feel your sincerity and desire to help him."

Hermanas Hansen, Steele & Baker

Which I still don't think is the best reason, but it's a reason! He talked to us about how amazing it was that we had the ability to put ourselves in the investigator's shoes. That's what the Savior did for all of us in Gethsemene. He put himself in each of our shoes to feel what we were feeling so he could help us later. That's what we need to do for each of our investigators, to truly help them. Have a mini Gethsemene experience for them. This is so applicable in the lives of missionaries, but also in the lives of you guys. If you truly want to help someone, you've got to try to experience what they feel. I encourage you all to try to do this as you help others in your lives.

Sister Sharp and Sister Poelman from my BYU ward!! 
And twinning with Hermana Holt.

 We also have been teaching this amazing man named Marco. His story is amazing. He has had polio for most of his life, but although he may be physically weak, he is one of the strongest spiritual people I have ever met. He has honestly changed my life.

While we were teaching him the other day, I kept asking him if he understood after I would say something important, because my Spanish is super choppy and I struggle with conjugating. He finally said (en español): "Yes! I understand you! Your Spanish is very clear! You don't need to ask that! I understand! So stop asking me if I understand!" ha ha, it was a tender moment because I have felt very incapable when it comes to Spanish lately.

So when we finished teaching, he suddenly switched to English and said, "OK, I'm not supposed to do this, but I have a scripture for you Sisters." He proceeded to share a scripture and a message with us. He told us that it's not going to matter, especially at first, if we cant speak the language well. Its going to be the Spirit that we carry with us that will convert people. He then thanked us for the sincerity of our message and reminding him that God loves him. He is the sweetest man! He talked to us for an hour after our lesson, and en serio everything he said was life changing. 

So today, something cool happened. We saw Marco in the temple! He was able to attend the same session as us!! I felt like a real missionary and like he was our real investigator. It was such a cool experience seeing him there. I love him!

So, about working hard. Last week I felt like I plateaued with Spanish. It was frustrating. This week, it seems like all the messages from our teachers and leaders and devotionals have been about working hard. Alone, I cannot do this. But if I work as hard as I can, God will take care of the rest. Something I love that Hermano Snyder said is, "You have been set apart with priesthood authority as a missionary. Because of that, you have the ability and potential to teach as Christ would. But you have to work for it. It takes HARD WORK, and CONSECRATION. It takes EVERYTHING."

As he said this, I could help but think of Dolvett's catch phrase (Yes... the trainer from Biggest Loser....) "Hard Work. Dedication!" Yes, it takes dedication. But not only that... it takes CONSECRATION. Consecrating all the time you have, EVERYTHING to the Lord. And that's hard to do, but through him, it's possible.

 As I've strived to do this, I've found focusing easier. I've found speaking the language during lessons easier. I'm finding more time to study Spanish and the scriptures that I didn't have before. The effect has already started changing me. And all it takes is humility, and most importantly~~HARD WORK! CONSECRATION!

 So I guess you could say that's my missionary catchphrase. 

Feeling extra loved!! Thanks Andrew and Joanna for the package 
and everyone else for all the dear elders!!

I love you all!! 

Con Amor,

Hermana Hansen

Hermana Hansen flies out September until then 
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Sister Jordyn Kylee Hansen
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Don't just Survive! THRIVE!!

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

Another week down at the CCM.... man it really is flying by! It seems like my last P-day was two days ago! I can't believe it's already my third P-day! Wednesday is hump day! Halfway through the CCM!

Since coming to the CCM, I have become a famous singer. Not only have I performed for general authorities twice with the rest of the MTC choir (comparable to the MoTab) but my "talents" have also been sought after at a ward level.

And by that I was our districts turn to do a musical number and somehow the elders convinced the Hermanas into doing it. So...I was dragged into it. It was actually really good though, and one of the highlights of my week! Hermana Steele has the voice of an angel. We sang "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" (half in Español half in English). 

I love my District! 

Have I mentioned how amazing our teachers are here? My teachers are so in tune with the Spirit. We are in a unique situation where we have three teachers instead of two. We have two brand new teachers fresh off their missions and we are their first district (Hermano Ashby &  Hermana Toleofoa).

We also have a more experienced teacher who has been here for tres anos and we will be his last district (Hermano Snyder). They honestly have all changed my life in some way!! (And it's so nice to actually be able to hug Hermana Toleofoa... all of us Hermanas are hug deprived here!!)

Our district & Hermana Toleofoa (seated in the chair)

So, on Tuesday Hermano Snyder gave us a pep talk on being consecrated missionaries. Dedicating all of our time to the Lord and giving 100% in whatever we are doing. This means speaking HSI (Habla Su Idioma - speak your language) all the time. (which is so hard). Loving people as God would love them. Relying completely on the Lord. Letting go of worldly distractions. Studying harder. Giving our all to our investigators.

The Hermanas love to see the temple!

He told us that he has had 20 districts, and we have the most personality and energy he has ever seen in a district! Haha which is good.... but could also be our downfall. We need to FOCUS and keep setting our standards HIGHER AND HIGHER.

A quote I love from Hermano Snyder, "Dont just survive, THRIVE!"
After this pep talk, we went downtown to the Mexican consulate to get our VISAS. It was the first time we were out in the real world with our name tags!!

Most of the Tuxtla-Gutierrez missionaries at the Mexican consulate 
(still missing like 6 elders, all flying out on the same day!!)

As we were passing Draper, that's when it hit me. I'm a missionary now. I'm not gonna see the people I love for 18 months! But I will be loving new people along the way. I need to do by best to be a CONSECRATED MISSIONARY.

Passing by Draper on Frontunner

While we were in SLC, riding the Frontrunner and Trax, I kept talking to random people we were sitting by. It was so fun to talk to real people, especially people who aren't members!  I love wearing my nametag in the real world! 

Tuesday night Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson (YW General President) spoke to us. One thing that I loved from her talk is, "Give all you can so you can look back on your missions with no regrets. Of course its going to be hard! Do it anyways! Be your best self!"

 Soaked from the rain storm and puddle jumping.

On that note, I love the CCM and I Love You All!!! 

Thanks for the donut fiesta Aunt Jill!!
Con Amor, 

Hermana Hansen

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A day in the life at the MTC plus Q&A

Another bonus post this week… Hermana Hansen answered a few questions and also includes a few insights for those heading to the MTC.

Also, we've heard rumors that she was spotted on Front Runner (chatting with Reno Mahe) this week. So, if this is true (and she decided not to make a break for it) we’re hoping that means she was heading to SLC for her VISA!

Our favorite study spot.
What is your schedule like at the MTC?

6:30am – Wake-up
7:00 - Breakfast
7:30 – 10:00 - Spanish Class
10:40 – 11:30 – Gym
Noon – Lunch
12:45 – 4:30pm – Class (sometimes teaching investigator)
4:30 – Dinner
5:15 – 9:00 – Study (in and around class room...1 hour personal, 1 hour companion, 1 hour language)
9:00 – 9:20 – Plan
9:20 – Zone devotional
9:30 – 10:15 – Personal time and companionship prayer
10:30pm – Lights out

Most surprising thing about the MTC you did not expect?

We learn Spanish a lot differently than I expected.  Instead of learning the alphabet & the general grammar rules we learn according to what we teach our investigators. 
Duck Faces

Day 1: Introductions
Day 2: How to pray
Day 3: How to testify

I guess they just expect us to grasp the grammar and conjugation along the way… Also our teacher speaks in ONLY Spanish!  I can understand him pretty well though.  He always teaches with the Spirit and is so encouraging.  We learn Spanish everyday except for P-days and Sunday (even on P-day we study).

So glad you had the foresight to take French in middle/high school… How did that work out for you?

I mix French with Spanish a lot here.  Suddenly all my French is coming back to me!  NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR FRENCH!  My biggest regret?  Not taking Spanish in High School…..

What were you glad you knew that helped you before arriving?

I’m glad I knew I would be on the MTC West Campus…  It’s more intimate and less overwhelming for me.  I’m also glad I studied Chapter 3 of Preach my Gospel. 

(Spanish speaking missionaries are located in a completely separate location from other missionaries.  They are located where former Raintree Apartments and Wyview Family Housing is located.   A bus shuttles them back and forth to main campus 2 or 3 times a week).   

What are the 3 big bubbles next to the MTC West Campus (off of Freedom Blvd) and what goes on in there?  (the top theories we were considering on drop-off day included cafeteria, Friday night missionary dance parties, medical experiments and/or missionary brainwashing…..)

The 3 big bubbles are for the gyms – one for basketball, volleyball and weights.  (glad that mystery is solved…)

Tip on sending photos from the MTC

On her first P-day, Jordyn was one of the few that was able to easily send photos from the computer – she ended up sharing her Memory Card reader (a USB /SD card adapter) with the other sisters.   She bought a pretty basic model at Walmart for $10 and it has worked great – lots of photos via e-mail.  We’ll see how well it works in Mexico–hoping for the best!   They do sell adapters at the MTC if you don’t arrive with one.  

Same day MTC Packages and  Letters

There is the most magical place for super-cheap, same-day MTC delivery in Provo and Orem. It's called Postmart. And for 2 bucks you can send any size package to your missionary..krispy cremes, cakes...I even saw a Macey's paper bag sitting on the MTC-to-go shelf. They also do same-day FREE delivery for letters to your stamp needed. (I plead the 5th on how many packages I've sent her in the two weeks since she's been gone...)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

MASH keeps us sane.... and the Holy Ghost is the real 'maestro'


Well two weeks almost down here at the CCM! I can't believe a week has already passed! So much has happened!

They said make it til Sunday.... and they were right!! Things go by SO MUCH FASTER after Sunday!

Okay, so as you may or may not know, I was really sick from Thursday to Sunday. On Sunday, I was the sickest I've been in a long time. I had a bad fever, cold symptoms, migraine, sore throat and a cough. It was to the point where I felt like I couldn't learn or study.

So, I said a prayer Sunday night pleading with God that I would feel just a little better. I promised him that I would work as hard as I could if he just made me well enough to concentrate in class... and he did! I still had a cough, but my fever and headache were gone by Monday morning! CHURCH IS TRUE PEOPLE.

So, Sunday was amazing. We had the most amazing devotional and also had the opportunity to watch a devotional by Elder Bednar called 'Character of Christ'. It was given at BYU-Idaho and I would encourage all of you to look it up (click on this link) .

Temple day with the district!! We love it so much!!

It changed my life. I was really struggling with my purpose and why I'm here on Sunday and it was such an amazing testament to me. I'm here to TURN OUTWARD and help others come unto Christ through the Espíritu Santo.

Elder Bednar said, "The greatest convert on your mission should be you. But you won't be if you focus on you." I LOVE THAT MAN. 

Monday was also amazing. I learned so much! We taught our second lesson to our "investigator", Chari, and 5 minutes before we were supposed to go in, one of our teachers, Hermano Snyder, told us that we weren't allowed to use notes. We were all freaking out. WE DON'T FREAKING KNOW SPANISH! The hermanas were especially freaking out. We were just overwhelmed.

Emergency game of MASH to stop us from going insane...

So Hermano Snyder shut the door and started speaking in English to us (thats when you know it's serious... because our teachers speak to us all in Spanish. No matter what.) He explained to us that looking at our notes and speaking to our investigator with memorized spanish phrases does not bring el espíritu.  It's testifying from the heart.  Even if it's in terrible, broken Spanglish.

He is so sincere and so loving. The spirit was so strong as he was telling us this. So that's what Hermana Baker and I did. We brought only our scriptures and our broken Spanish. We testified of Dios and the truth of the Spirit and el Libro de Mormon in terrible, broken español.

Somehow, even Hermana Baker humbled down to broken Spanish (She is normally fabuloso)! The Spirit was so, so strong, because we were speaking with love, through the Spirit.  The next day, we had another amazing lesson with Chari. Hemano Snyder said something to me that helped me a lot. He told me my Spanish was bueno, and I was like... "No bueno! No hable español!" And he was like: "Hermana Hansen. NO."

And then he showed me this:
con fe  = with faith
confiar = to trust/confide
confianza = trust/CONFIDENCE
Confidence comes from faith en Dios. 

So, we invited Chari to be baptized in our lesson. Through the spirit, I was able to bear my testimony about the atonement in español and tell Chari how much we loved her and how much God loved her. The Spirit was so strong, our FAKE INVESTIGATOR was crying! It was such an amazing experience. With God, I can do this.

BUT, amongst all these amazing experiences with the teaching that we had, the most important thing I learned this week was humility. 

It was our very last lesson with Chari (who by the way, we found out is actually going to be our OTHER TEACHER. WHAT THE FREAK) and Hermana Baker and I were struggling preparing for the lesson. We were getting nowhere. But, our other lessons had brought the spirit so strongly, we were CONFIDENT that this one would as well.

Our "investigator" Chari (aka our teacher Sis. Toleafoa)

We went in confident in our Spanish abilities, and confident in our español. The lesson was so.... different. Something was off.... something was missing. Afterwards, we concluded that we felt we were being guided by the Spirit, but we didn't feel like the Spirit was there.

So, we prayed, to understand what went wrong. We got our answer..... humility. We weren't humble. The other lessons we went into sooooo scared...scared we couldn't speak español...nervous about what we were going to say... and it scared us into being humble. But this time, WE tried to be the teachers, instead of letting the Spirit....which was so, very wrong.

Hermana Baker & Hermana Hansen


What's interesting, is the night before during companionship prayer, I prayed that Hermana Baker and I would recognize our strengths and weaknesses. Well, we definitely recognized our weakness!! We are now praying and striving to be more humble. Because honestly, we are nothing without God. God is everything.

Funny things that happened this week:

- I forgot Hermana Baker's name during companionship prayer. It was awkward. Its not like I spend every freaking minute with her or anything.

- Whenever we are eating, we have a rule you can only argue if you do it in British accents. Elder Shepard and  Elder Cox have fun with that one.

 Thanks for the Fiesta, Mama Hansen!
- When I speak in English I subconsciously try to translate everything to Spanish in my head and it makes it difficult to think and speak. I can't even think in English! Also, I can only pray in Spanglish now.....even when I try to pray only in English because I'm fed up with Spanish!

Hermana Hansen with her BYU roomie Hermana Malstrom
(heading to Mendoza, Argentina)

- The other night we were dancing around in the other hermana's room and Hermana Baker's skirt just.... fell off. Literally, right off her body. 

Hey, look Alicia's your winning tennis partner!

- I sang in the MTC choir at the Tuesday Devotional and all the Hermanas in my district were on the big screen multiple times. So, now I'm not only a singer but a famous one (take that Miners!!)

I love the MTC, I love my district, teachers, learning
Spanish and being a missionary!! 

 District Kickball and mirror selfies

Sister Toleafoa (Chari) told us that if we weren't in the CCM she would never have guessed we were new missionaries. It was so awesome! She is so sweet! I love her so much!  Hermano Snyder y Hermano Ashby (teachers) are also the bomb.

I love you guys so much!! Dear Elders (same-day MTC mail service) and letters ARE DA BOMB DOT COM so keep them coming!! They keep me sane! 

I call this P-day Eve (Seriously it was like Christmas)!

Hermana Hansen

*You can write Hermana Hansen using the Dear Elder link above or by sending a letter or package directly to the MTC at:

Sister Jordyn Kylee Hansen
2023 N 900 E Unit 836
Provo, UT 84602

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Obedience Brings Blessings

Hermana Hansen only has one hour each P-day to read and write emails. She ran out of time on the computer, and so she wrote us a bonus letter on Saturday (the good old fashioned way) which we received today! Hooray for snail mail! What a fun surprise!

Hola Mi Familia!

That hour flew by and there were still a couple of mucho importante messages that I wanted to share with you.

Okay! The two most important things I have learned from the MTC so far:

1. This mission is NOT for me. Study time is NOT for me. It's for the investigator. We don't even have a real investigator, just a fake one and I can already tell you that this is true. Our mission purpose is to bring others to Christ. Obviously, we can grow along the way. But, it should all be about the investigator.

When I entered the MTC, of course I thought about the investigators. But, I also thought this mission was going to help ME grow. Help ME become a better person. I was prideful! Of course, we need to be our best selves. But, more importantly, we need to do this so we can be a tool that God can use to help other people feel the Spirit. This mission is not about MY personal growth. It's about the INVESTIGATOR'S growth.

2. Exact obedience is key.  My main goal coming into the MTC was to be obedient. Let me tell you something...that is easier said than done. There's stupid little rules like we can't open letters until 9:20 PM, and we can only write back on P-days (that's really hard for me)! And none of the other zones have these rules!  Or no bringing food out of the cafeteria. (What if I want to finish my bagel?) Or no studying on the couches in our classrooms. (Like...what?) Or lights out at exactly 10:30 PM.  (Will it really make much of a difference at 10:35)? Or, no playing soccer with the Elders. (What if no Hermanas will play soccer with us)?

These are the rules that Hermana Baker and I were struggling with. Some of them seemed so silly!  But, during our personal and companion study, we discovered something! If we are not obedient, we won't receive as great of blessings. These rules were set by God's servants. They are there for a reason, even if we don't understand why. We cannot expect to receive the gift of tongues until we are exactly obedient. Ever since we have done this, life has gone so much smoother. Studying has gone smoother. I can already see the blessings from being exactly obedient!

One more thing! I went until Friday without getting emotional at the MTC.


But, on Friday, we learned  how to testify in Español.  Brother Ashby asked me to read a scripture (en español) and then testify of it. I read John 3:16 (For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.) Then I bore my testimony in español. I struggled with the words, but the gift of tongues came to me and I didn't have to look at my notes. I started crying as I testified to Brother Ashby, and he looked back at me with the love of God in his eyes.  When I finished he told me I did 'Buenisimo!'

Guys! I suck at Spanish. It's very hard. But this was a changing point for me. The gospel is true in Español and in English. It doesn't matter. And the gift of tongues is real.

I'll close con mi testimonio.  Yo se que Dios es amoroso y el Padre Celestial.  Yo se que Jesucristo es el Salvador y nuestro Redentor. Yo se que mi familia es eterna. Este testimonio me ayuda a superar desafios!!! En el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen!

Con Amor,
Hermana Hansen

Hermana Hansen LOVES receiving your letters. Dear Elder has an  amazing service with FREE same day MTC delivery of any letter written before noon. Be sure to select the PROVO WEST MTC. Click on "write letter". Her unit number is 836. Departure date is SEP15. 
And the mission code is MEX-TXG.  

Saturday, August 9, 2014

This is my District and I love them!!!

Top: (left to right) Elder Beck (thinks all girls have cooties and is the funniest person alive....) Elder Imlar (aka Elder Mufasa) he's super funny as well and es muy bueno at español! 

Elder Mclehaney (aka Elder MacDaddy) from AZ, perfect image of what Cole Memmott (my cousin) will look like in 8 years and is absolutely adorable

His compañero is next to him, Elder Acosta, just got baptized a year ago and is so tender. Actually their companionship is PRECIOUS. He is so sweet and has such a strong testimonio and just wants to bring his familia to this gospel! He is the only member in his familia!! 

Elder Johnson is next and is friends with my friend from the pool, CW, and he doesn't quite understand the whole space bubble between Elders and Hermanas yet. Yesterday he was flexing and tried to force my hand to touch his "muscle".... haha it was SO FUNNY. He is hilarious. His companion is Elder Thomsen and he is our District leader. 

Next is Elder Cox from Florida! He's so funny... and next to him is cute Elder Shepard from Genola, Utah. His familia actually herd sheep. Haha he is sooo sweet! 

Now for las hermanas: Primero es Hermana Bunderson. She is this sweet little fireball and is muy bueno at learning español! Her companera es Hermana Steele. She is the mama of the District... she is 21 and has 2 bachelors degrees! She is SO AMAZING

Next to me es mi compañera Hermana Baker. She is so good at Spanish. She took it for 4 years in Junior high/High School and it's apparently all coming back to her... because she rocks

We are the only Hermanas in our entire zone. We love our knuckleheaded Elders!

MTC, Spanglish, New Comp, P-Day..Good times!!


Hermana Hansen's new companion, Hermana Baker from Orem
Como estas?

I'm going to apologize now for the Spanglish that will be happening in this email.... my mind thinks half in Español now. Which is good...? Except now I don't have a language.

So Saturday is my P-Day!! I am on the West CCM (MTC) Campus and it is FABULOUS. It's all in Wyview and Raintree. So our classroom is in this little apartment in Raintree! Its hilarious. The best thing about the West CCM is EVERYONE speaks Spanish... so every time you pass someone they greet you. Usually with, "Hola Hermanas!"

Studying in our classroom in a little apartment in Raintree.

I'm telling you, being called Hermana is the best thing ever. I was so excited when I got my name tag! It's like the most personal name I've ever been called... but also the most general name...I know. It doesn't make sense. But whatevs. Guess you have to be a Hermana to understand! Surprisingly... there are not a lot of Hermanas here. I guess they are all on main campus...?

(so um..... STEP IT UP SISTERS!) 


Man, here at the MTC we just GO GO GO.
It never stops! Yesterday we taught our first lesson to our "investigator" ....(Bro. Ashby our teacher tried to convince us she was a real investigator... but shes definitely LDS. Guess its OK for MTC teachers to lie here ;) )...
EN ESPAÑOL. WAT. Like..we just got here on Wednesday! But it went really well... surprisingly.

Hermana Baker is VERY good at español... she has taken 4 years of it in her pre-mission life. So that's helpful when I can only understand about 65% of what the investigator is saying.

 But, let me tell you something.... THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL. During the lesson, there were a couple instances where I had to bear my testimony, or say the prayer, and I just started randomly putting words together to make phrases and sentences that I have never once said before.
We got out of the lesson and Hma Baker grabbed me and said, "HERMANA. Where did you learn all of those words? I heard you say at least 5 words you've NEVER said before in your life!" 

I guess I just heard Hma Baker say them and they came to me in my moment of need! The fact that I got through that lesson is just another proof that GOD IS REAL and THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE. I'm not gonna lie. Spanish is hard. I'm really, really, not very good. Especially not good enough to carry a conversation with mi campanera y mi investigator.,,,For thirty. Freaking. Minutes. But.... somehow I did.

Church is true, guys! Church is true!

So a couple funny highlights of my last few days: 

Hma Baker and I struggle sleeping. Like it takes an hour or more of us laying in bed for us to finally get to sleep. (This is weird for me... because if any of you were at BYU with me you know I can fall asleep ANY time, ANY place.)  I guess it's the bazillion Spanglish thoughts zooming around in my head.

So, last night I hear a clicking noise in the dark. I say, "Hma Baker... do you hear that?" She said kind of awkwardly, "Uh... yeah. I'm just.... knitting." Then we both burst out laughing. She was laying there. KNITTING. In the ABSOLUTE DARKNESS. Apparently that helps her fall asleep....

Elder Cox and Elder Shepherd went in to teach their 30 minute lesson... and they came out after 6 minutes. We were like, "Elders, what went wrong??" And they started laughing and said, "Uh.... Elder Shepherd forgot his scriptures. And we don't know any Spanish. So we just kinda asked if we could leave her with a prayer and left."
Ha ha, they are KNUCKLEHEADS.

Heading to main MTC campus on the shuttle.

(It's been an Alta High School swim team reunion at the MTC.
  Look who Hermana Hansen ran into..)
 Elder Dallin Vosti heading to Argentina in a few weeks.

 Elder Nate Hood going to West Indies Mission Dutch speaking.

Elder Trip Affleck will be serving in Russia.

Ahh! I'm all out of time!

I love you and miss you all!! The MTC is a lot to take in but as long as
I'm relying on the Lord I got this!!!

Thank you for all the letters and packages and please keep them coming!! I have way more time to write letters than I do email! 

Con Amor, 

Hermana Hansen

Hermana Hansen's MTC address:
Sister Jordyn Kylee Hansen
2023 N 900 E Unit 836
Provo UT 84602