Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Priesthood Power and another Rescue

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Rescue: ChocoMilco

Sup peeps?

So this week was another AMAZING week here in Bonanza. Something that I have absolutely loved about being here in Tapachula...that puts my mission experience on that our zone is totally united. We all just love each other. It's like a huge family, which makes working every day and helping everyone else on intercambios...and with other activities so much more fun.

 Elders De Jesus and Brass with Hermanas Hansen and Ortega
One of these amazing activities we did in the zone Elder Brass and I like to call it....EL RESCATE: CHOCOMILCO (the rescue of Xochimilco). Haha!

So there's an area in our zone that was a little...dead. Ghost townie. Like hasn't had a baptism in a while...everyone keeps to themselves in their houses and so it's hard to find new investigators... and doesn't have investigators progressing... etc etc. Xochimilco (but I can't ever pronounce it right, so I started saying the name 'ChocoMilco' and it stuck.)
I went on intercambios with Hermana Cook. Afterwards, when we were giving our informe to Elder Brass and Elder de Jesus I said, "I'm gonna be honest guys... they need a Rescue." 
 Tapachula Bonanza Zone

What is a rescue? Something that Elder Brass came up with when we were working in Grijalva and that I named. It's when an area is super dead and we come together as a zone and work during the morning to contact, find new investigators, and pretty much invade the whole area with missionaries so we can find the escogidos. But, we took it to a whole new level.

Singing at the Rescue

Elder Brass had the idea to get a giant speaker hooked up, so we could put on an announcement about the movie "Meet the Mormons", sing hymns, etc etc to get people out of their houses. He said, "I know there are escogidos there... if they won't come out of their houses... and we can't knock doors... we will just have to call them out!"

So we did. Then I had the idea that Hermana Cook could play her violin and we could walk the streets contacting people and drawing people out of the houses with the music...having a lesson in the street, inviting them to baptism, and finding the escogidos.

Hermana Cook

On Friday, we first divided all the missionaries up, and everyone went to work in a different area for 2 hours. Then we all met up, stopped combis, sang hymns in the speaker, and announced to the whole Chocomilco about the mormones.

It was SUPER AMAZING. Everyone was so excited, and we really did find some escogidos. We found a lot of people who accepted baptism, one couple that has all the church attendances but just needs to get married, and another couple of people who also have all the church attendances. It was an unforgettable experience. 

I'm so grateful to have an amazing zone, zone leaders who work with us and support us ... and my big family here in Tapachula Mexico. I'm never leaving! 

Hermana Hansen


Monday, July 13, 2015


Monday, July 6, 2015

Nos vemos en la selva

I've been dreading writing this letter all day because I just have so much I need to say and so little time and IT'S STRESSFUL! OKAY! I'M PANICKING.

Well goodbye to the city... cuz I'm headed to the jungle. 

Kidding I have no idea how much of a jungle it is...but it's on the border of Guatemala so you never know. I'm headed to Tapachula, trainers old area...and with my big sister, Hermana Ortega! We are just following in our mother's footsteps haha. It's pretty cool cuz we get to be capacitadores together!! :) Let's just say..... HACE BASTANTE CALOR (it's very hot) and it's rainy season. I'm praying there's a few more mango piñas up there.

My big sister in the mission.. and my new comp!!! Hermana Ortega 
(we didn't even know we were going to be comps when we took the pic!! haha)

So it's kind of weird cuz I wasn't really expecting a change...and I haven't even been saying goodbye to any of our investigators or members. So today should be...interesting. 

I will miss this area. The ward is amazing, and I love the people here. I'm also gonna miss my comp a bunch. It's gonna be hard to say goodbye, but I guess we will see what the Lord has in store for me in Tapachula. 

This is a weird cambio because my mom (Hermana Martinez) goes home this week! That makes me sad and feel old. Also Hermana Hickman and Hermana Humphrey go home....the celebrity bloggers that I read before I came on the mish! So it's like an end of an epoca...and on with the next. Weird. I will miss them! They are all amazing missionaries.

 The best Zone Leaders!

Presidente is also closing a lot of areas because there is only one Elder coming in this transfer. Yep, ONE. And a bunch of Hermanas and Elders leaving. SO HERMANAS GET ON YOUR GAME AND SEND IN YOUR PAPERS SO YOU CAN GET CALLED TO CHIAPAS CUZ WE NEED YOU!!!!! The mission is shrinking pues!! 

So this week was USA's Independence Day and literally the best 4th of July I have ever had...weird because I wasn't even in the US. There weren't any fireworks or BBQ's...but we had two miracle baptisms. Really something we have been working for this whole cambio. Hermana J. and Hermanito P were baptized by their son and brother, Hermano S. 

 Best day of my life!

Hermano S has been a member for about 10 years. He got baptized when he was about 9 and is now preparing for a mission. Countless missionaries have passed through trying to teach his mom, but she never wanted to listen. Actually it seems like all the missionaries were scared of her (we were as well...but we didn't tell her). But poco un poco, she made a HUGE change.

Really it all started when we did service and made mole with her. Remember that story from a few weeks back? Yep, that's Hermana J. Poco un poco she started opening up to us, and we started to see her for who she really is. Instead of the Hermano S's scary mom who didn't want anything to do with the church...we saw her as a brave, strong woman. A single mom who has suffered a lot, but who wants nothing more than a good life for her kids...and to live with them for eternity
We knew she was really getting converted when she told us, "I don't care what the neighbors think, or who sees me enter that church. If God tells me to get baptized there, you better believe I will do it." 

And so she did. 

Honestly, I think a huge factor was the scary hospital incident last week with my companion. Hermana J. came running to the hospital in tears when she heard what happened. I think the incident really made her think about what is important in life, and that's what helped her make the decision to be baptized. 
I love her and her family so much. 

Voy a extrañar mis niños :( 

After 10 years of trying, it just took the right amount of love, service, and patience to get to her heart. I know Hermana Guarcax and I were here exactly for her, for this reason, to be used as instruments in God's hands and finally help her to the water's of baptism

Man, it's gonna be hard to leave them.

More than anything what I have learned from this experience is the gospel changes lives. It doesn't matter who you are or what the situation is, the cure for everything is applying the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to our lives.

Farewell Hermana Guarcax and Tuxtla Pimienta

Love you all.

Nos vemos en la selva (see you in the jungle).

Hermana Hansen

Last time wearing this dress cuz I gave it to Hermana J for her baptism present

Pizza on intercambios

 Zone conference!
 Called to serve in...Chiauaua!!!