Saturday, August 9, 2014

This is my District and I love them!!!

Top: (left to right) Elder Beck (thinks all girls have cooties and is the funniest person alive....) Elder Imlar (aka Elder Mufasa) he's super funny as well and es muy bueno at español! 

Elder Mclehaney (aka Elder MacDaddy) from AZ, perfect image of what Cole Memmott (my cousin) will look like in 8 years and is absolutely adorable

His compañero is next to him, Elder Acosta, just got baptized a year ago and is so tender. Actually their companionship is PRECIOUS. He is so sweet and has such a strong testimonio and just wants to bring his familia to this gospel! He is the only member in his familia!! 

Elder Johnson is next and is friends with my friend from the pool, CW, and he doesn't quite understand the whole space bubble between Elders and Hermanas yet. Yesterday he was flexing and tried to force my hand to touch his "muscle".... haha it was SO FUNNY. He is hilarious. His companion is Elder Thomsen and he is our District leader. 

Next is Elder Cox from Florida! He's so funny... and next to him is cute Elder Shepard from Genola, Utah. His familia actually herd sheep. Haha he is sooo sweet! 

Now for las hermanas: Primero es Hermana Bunderson. She is this sweet little fireball and is muy bueno at learning español! Her companera es Hermana Steele. She is the mama of the District... she is 21 and has 2 bachelors degrees! She is SO AMAZING

Next to me es mi compañera Hermana Baker. She is so good at Spanish. She took it for 4 years in Junior high/High School and it's apparently all coming back to her... because she rocks

We are the only Hermanas in our entire zone. We love our knuckleheaded Elders!