Saturday, August 30, 2014

You're Just a Dumb Little Trout...

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

To explain the title of my email....   
So every night we have a zone devotional where we watch a Mormon Message.  We were watching one about addiction.  Satan is the fisherman and we are all trout.  Once he catches hold of you, it's hard to escape.  So, as this is playing, I lean over to Hermana Bunderson and whisper "We are all just dumb little trout."

Well, she thought I said, "you're just a dumb little trout."  So now that's the endearing insult of the Hermanas...ha ha.  

Other funny things this week:

(The Trout idea what they're doing)

~I'm super passionate about everything. While we were sharing stories of our past life, I came to realize that Elder Shepherd has lived the life I always wanted to live. THE COUNTRY LIFE. I JUST WANT TO BE A COUNTRY GIRL. So I was getting very emotional about it and Elder Acosta just randomly started imitating me. He did a spot on impression. It was fabulous. He is so good at being a white girl.

~There has been a banana incident. Yes, you heard me right. Someone has been throwing a frozen banana in our classroom and the one next to us for 3 nights in a row around 8. And a few nights ago it hit me in the head. So I am out for revenge. I know, what would Jesus do? Probably take the frozen banana, make it unfrozen, and then give it to a starving child. But, I cant do that. There are no children here. And no one is starving. So the only option is retaliation. Last night, I went full CSI mode and stormed around Raintree with Hermana Bunderson searching for the Banana Bandit. We have some leads, but not a solid name yet. Don't worry, we now have a companionship assigned "Banana Watch" every night. We will find this Banana Boy.

 From Mama Steele! Our very own action figures!

~The other night the Hermanas were having a Les Mis sing-along in our living room. We were singing One Day More, and I was Marius. I couldn't find a flag anywhere. So I panicked while I was singing my big solo and tried to use my skirt as a flag. But as I was taking it off, it got stuck on my head.

I've learned so much this week about sincerity and working hard. 
We taught an "investigator" Monday.  (Sometimes Hermana Hansen's teachers roleplay different investigators for them to practice teaching).  It was really upsetting because the whole lesson the spirit was so strong, but I was struggling because I felt like I didn't know enough Spanish to express myself properly.

(This happens a lot, where I want to say something, but I don't know the vocabulary. So, I end up expressing myself in a round about way that doesn't really even get to the point).

He was talking about how he has tried to repent multiple times but the process is too painful. It was so heartbreaking. It was time to end the lesson and Hermana Baker didn't know what else to do.  So she handed the lesson back over to me.

My emotions overcame me and I didn't know what else to do so I just laid my head down in my hands and cried for a few seconds. Then I sat back up and tearily invited him to attend church on Sunday. He looked at me, and said of course he would. But, we got the impression it was only because I was crying and he didn't know what else to do, ha ha.

 So, as we are walking out, Hermano Snyder stops playing the investigator and tells us to come back in. He asks us why we thought he accepted the invitation to come back to Church. I said, "Because he felt bad that I was crying! That's a terrible reason!" Hermano Snyder said, "No, it was because he could see and feel your sincerity and desire to help him."

Hermanas Hansen, Steele & Baker

Which I still don't think is the best reason, but it's a reason! He talked to us about how amazing it was that we had the ability to put ourselves in the investigator's shoes. That's what the Savior did for all of us in Gethsemene. He put himself in each of our shoes to feel what we were feeling so he could help us later. That's what we need to do for each of our investigators, to truly help them. Have a mini Gethsemene experience for them. This is so applicable in the lives of missionaries, but also in the lives of you guys. If you truly want to help someone, you've got to try to experience what they feel. I encourage you all to try to do this as you help others in your lives.

Sister Sharp and Sister Poelman from my BYU ward!! 
And twinning with Hermana Holt.

 We also have been teaching this amazing man named Marco. His story is amazing. He has had polio for most of his life, but although he may be physically weak, he is one of the strongest spiritual people I have ever met. He has honestly changed my life.

While we were teaching him the other day, I kept asking him if he understood after I would say something important, because my Spanish is super choppy and I struggle with conjugating. He finally said (en español): "Yes! I understand you! Your Spanish is very clear! You don't need to ask that! I understand! So stop asking me if I understand!" ha ha, it was a tender moment because I have felt very incapable when it comes to Spanish lately.

So when we finished teaching, he suddenly switched to English and said, "OK, I'm not supposed to do this, but I have a scripture for you Sisters." He proceeded to share a scripture and a message with us. He told us that it's not going to matter, especially at first, if we cant speak the language well. Its going to be the Spirit that we carry with us that will convert people. He then thanked us for the sincerity of our message and reminding him that God loves him. He is the sweetest man! He talked to us for an hour after our lesson, and en serio everything he said was life changing. 

So today, something cool happened. We saw Marco in the temple! He was able to attend the same session as us!! I felt like a real missionary and like he was our real investigator. It was such a cool experience seeing him there. I love him!

So, about working hard. Last week I felt like I plateaued with Spanish. It was frustrating. This week, it seems like all the messages from our teachers and leaders and devotionals have been about working hard. Alone, I cannot do this. But if I work as hard as I can, God will take care of the rest. Something I love that Hermano Snyder said is, "You have been set apart with priesthood authority as a missionary. Because of that, you have the ability and potential to teach as Christ would. But you have to work for it. It takes HARD WORK, and CONSECRATION. It takes EVERYTHING."

As he said this, I could help but think of Dolvett's catch phrase (Yes... the trainer from Biggest Loser....) "Hard Work. Dedication!" Yes, it takes dedication. But not only that... it takes CONSECRATION. Consecrating all the time you have, EVERYTHING to the Lord. And that's hard to do, but through him, it's possible.

 As I've strived to do this, I've found focusing easier. I've found speaking the language during lessons easier. I'm finding more time to study Spanish and the scriptures that I didn't have before. The effect has already started changing me. And all it takes is humility, and most importantly~~HARD WORK! CONSECRATION!

 So I guess you could say that's my missionary catchphrase. 

Feeling extra loved!! Thanks Andrew and Joanna for the package 
and everyone else for all the dear elders!!

I love you all!! 

Con Amor,

Hermana Hansen

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