Monday, December 15, 2014

More Christmas Miracles and I'm a Mom!

Welp it's official! I'M A SINGLE MOM. 

Welcome to Central Daughter - The Best Area in the World!

What's weird is that my daughter is older than me and we look nothing alike. 

Nah Chiste...
But, my new companion is Hermana Juarez de Michoacan. She is amazing!! She probably doesn't need any training, because she definitely knows more gospel doctrine than me. But she is such a hard worker and I just love her!

She's also really healthy....she only eats like 2 tortillas during comida (meals) and I average.... let's just say a lot. Which is completely un-mexican of her if you ask me, but to each their own. 

My Spanish has improved so much just in this last week because I'm directing all the lessons...and talking with all of our investigators and members because Hermana Juarez doesn't know any of them. 

But really training has given me a lot of confidence in my Spanish. Four months ago, I literally didn't know anything...and now I'm living in a Mexican....and somehow getting by. My Spanish is nowhere near perfect but I really feel more confident now. 

I have a feeling I'm gonna learn a lot from Hermana Juarez! She is so amazing. I'm so happy that she's my companion! 

I miss Hermana Martinez. But, I'm sure she's doing great things in Tapachula. 

Hermana Martinez says goodbye to Mama C and G

So this week A. got baptized!! It was so amazing! His story is another miracle. Hermana Martinez and I found him through an inactive member....who we also found while contacting in la calle (the street). 

We invited him to church... he came... and lo and behold he came A SECOND TIME without us even inviting him! We didn't invite him because he doesn't live in our area, and we were gonna pass the reference on to the missionaries in his area. But, he said he felt something at church, and he really wanted to change his life for the he came back.

 Last District Selfie

  Final Meal with District Hermanas

We got special permission from our zone leaders to teach him, and he didn't miss a week of church. He lives about 45 minutes away. But, he comes to church at 8 AM and comes to all of our activities... even cleaning the church! 
Seeing the light in eyes grow has been truly amazing. He went from a lost 19 year old kid to an amazing representative of Christ with such a strong testimony. He is so much happier now and his life has been blessed so much because of the church. I'm so happy to be a part of the start of his journey! 

I love you all and hope you continue to share the gift you have... the gospel with everyone around you especially during this holiday season. 

Cuídense mucho,

Hermana Hansen