Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Caroling, Family History & a Trip to the Zoo

Hermana Hansen & Juarez went to Tuxtla Zoomat on their last P-day with a few families from their area

Ayyyyy mi HERMOSA FAMILIA. Mucho gusto a verles esta Navidad! Beckham está demasiado grande y no muy me gusta eso pero es la vida eh? Sav está bien guapisima y Austin está bien..... hipster. Que padre.
(ay my beautiful family. It was great to see you on Christmas! Beckham is getting too big and I don't like this but it's life, eh?  Savannah is looking good and Austin is very ....hipster)

I had a great Christmas! We had Christmas dinner with Hermana I. after we skyped! But the best part of Christmas was on the 23rd. We went caroling for a ward missionary activity. We caroled to all of the neighbors of the church, giving them hot chocolate and pan and Christmas DVDs (pretty much bribing them to set up an appointment with us... haha). 

It was so beautiful! Well, not at first.... at first ...everyone was slamming doors in our faces saying they were Catholic or Cualquier (whichever) other religion....or drunk and yelling (and swearing.... I think) at us and I was thinking: "What the heck were we thinking?? This is a distaster!" 

But after a while we changed our tactic and just started saying, "Buenas noches! Tenemos un regalo para usted!" (Good evening! We have a gift for you!) And then we'd start singing and passing them chocolate and it turned out being really cool. 

Who would have thought a year ago that I would be spending this Christmas in the streets of Tuxtla singing Christmas carols? It was awesome. We had a couple of investigators come as well and the spirit was so strong as we sang of Christ's birth. I know they felt it!

So as a mission we are working A LOT with Family History and family search. Before the mission I just thought it was a boring hobby that our grandparents do. But here on the mission I've learned just how important and critical it is for our salvation.

Something cool that I discovered while on Family Search the other day is.....I'm related to John Tanner!

If your not a missionary you might not know who he is...but he played a huge part in the restoration of the gospel with Joseph Smith. All of the missionaries know who he is because there's a whole video on him on one of the DVDs we use with members and investigators a lot.

Since discovering this, we now have a little presentation that we do. We show our investigator/member the video... talk about it... and then BOOM throw in there that I'm his great great great great granddaughter... and I only found this out recently through family search... so they should really get on their 'A' game and do their family history.... so they can find out if they're related to someone cool!

Haha it's pretty fun. But really He is an amazing example of faith... and donated a whole lot of money to the church. And because of this Joseph Smith promised all of his prosperity that they would never again have to beg for food.... no big deal. 

Moral of the story: do your family history!!! 

Love you all!!! 

Hermana Hansen

P-day at the Tuxtla Zoo