Monday, December 22, 2014

Missionary Work is Work...No Rest for the Weary


I wish I understood the weather here in Tuxtla. One day it's freaking cold.... (well... cold for the Mexicans...not for me) and the next day it's hotter than hades. The good news is I'm used to the humidity. I don't know when it happened, but I think it happened a while ago. I guess one day I stopped swimming through the air and started walking.

Temple visit with other Sisters serving in Tuxtla

Sorry for the weird metaphor, I just really miss swimming. But swimming's about the only thing I miss about my pre-mission life.... that and cheap chocolate. Good chocolate here is expensive. But it's fine cuz I'll trade Pozol for a Snickers bar any day.

CHIAPAS HAS MY HEART. I have no idea why. It's not like the city is especially beautiful or anything... I've heard other parts are beautiful, but I wouldn't know. But, I seriously love it so much I CAN'T EVEN STAND IT.

Needless to say, missionary work isn't all peaches and cream. Along with getting used to the humidity, you also get used to the extremely cool fact that you're living in Mexico. 
Missionary work is missionary work, no matter where you are, what language it's in. And sometimes, your golden family doesn't come to church...which means they can't be a part of our goal for 4 baptisms this transfer. 
The chorus of angels in our missionary Christmas program

And sometimes you walk miles to pick up an investigator for church only for her to say, "No puedo hoy, la verdad. Tenga un buen dia...... Dios bendiga." (I can't today, it's true.  Have a good day.  God bless.)

All the missionary trainers

And sometimes you feel like you're completely inadequate to be training a new companion at 3 months. And sometimes nobody will accept a baptism date, when you are sure they are going to.

But it's important to NEVER lose the animo (excitement). It's lo mas importante ( the most important thing). Like Nephi, in Helaman 10:4-5. We need to work UNWEARINGLY. Because the most important work is happening NOW. It's these people's SALVATION on our hands.

My companion is literally the best.... surprise papaya dish for breakfast. 
She knows how to do way more than my cereal and pancakes.

So no importa a mi (it doesn't matter to me) if you don't want to listen to my message or have Jesus Christ in your life, no importa (doesn't matter) if you're Catholic or Jehovah Witness. I'm coming to your house and I'm going to preach His gospel and baptize you and your four kids. Because families can live together FOREVER.

This Christmas time is not a time of rest. It's a time to work harder to bring my brethren to Christ. So we can all party in the Celestial Kingdom. 

Peace out homefries and FELIZ NAVIDAD (Merry Christmas).

Hermana Hansen

(A few pictures from the Tuxtla Gutierrez 
Missionary Christmas Program/Talent Show)