Monday, January 5, 2015

Intercambios, Chasing Butterflies and a Baptism!

Intercambios with the best Capacitadoras in el mundo (Hermanas Juarez, Hansen, Coronado and Juliana)

Dudes, tomorrow I turn 5... months. I don't want to talk about that actually, because time is passing way too freaking fast... so moving on.

We had intercambios (exchanges) this week and it was possibly one of the greatest experiences on my mission thus far. I worked with Hermana Coronado from Texas for a day and honestly it was a day that changed my mission life! 
I learned so much. I feel like I can now be a more efficient missionary with UN BUEN ESTADO DE ANIMO (a good frame of mind). She taught me how to work hard but still have fun

For example, while we were trying to find a reference we ended up finding a beautiful butterfly and chasing it down an entire street trying to catch it..until we lost it when it went inside a huge Christian "temple". 
Pancake tacos cuz we are Mexican

When we turned around, we found one of our menos activos (less actives) in the ward staring at us... After which he waved and said, "Uh... buen dia hermanas" and ran inside. Hopefully he keeps coming to church even though we are weirdos... haha. 

And Hermana Coronado is going to BYU when she gets back so the chasing butterfly madness doesn't have to end! 

 Hermanas Coronado & Hansen & cute Chicas

With mis chicas

This week I was able to witness a huge miracle. One of our old investigators got baptized! I say old because he's technically not our investigator anymore...but here's the story. 

The former Hermanas de la Salle found Hermano A. and helped him start to change his life around. After they both got transferred, the new Hermanas de la Salle started teaching him...until they looked at their map and realized that he wasn't in their area. They assumed that he must be in ours.

All of the Hermanas who taught Hermano A

So we started teaching him. We fasted with him and helped him to STOP DRINKING! (He's been sober ever since the fast). We worked with him, encouraged him and taught him and everything! Only to realize that he wasn't in our ward...but the ward Juarez.

So they taught him for one more week and he was baptized in their ward. But through it all, it really doesn't matter where he was baptized. We really are just instruments in the Lord's hands

I'm so happy for him to start his life over, free of his old habits. It just goes to show that with God, nothing is impossible

He had tried to stop drinking many times before, but only with fasting and prayer he was able to do it


What a great way to start off the New Year! 

Love you all and hope you have freaking awesome goals in 2015!

Hermana Hansen 

A few more photos from the zoo visit last week, holiday fun and missionary life in Tuxtla Central.

christmas dinner yummmm

feliz año nuevo pues

I was feeling sick so mi hija took my backpack (LOL) boyscout style
Dad you asked for some 'real life' photos from the streets...