Monday, January 26, 2015

How Not to Budget Your Monthly Mission Money :-)

The life of a poor and unwise missionary.....

I imagine that all missionaries come to a point in their mission when they have literally 4 pesos to their name.... but usually people are wise and learn from their mistake the first time.... well this is my second time casi pesoless (almost moneyless) in the mission. 

Fool me once shame on you... fool me twice... shame on me. QUE PENA (what a shame). Ya, well, I'm not kidding I literally have 4 pesos right now. And we don't get our monthly money until next p-day! This happened one other time with Hermana Martinez.  But, it wasn't really our fault because we ended up having to pay for a new stove. 

This time it was just bad planning... I didn't take into account that as senior companion I have to pay for the light, got an eye infection, and my companion has this addiction where she has to buy a new pen at like every papeleria (stationary store) that we pass.

Also, we were lazy and took a lot of colectivos (buses / taxis). So now we are left moneyless for one week, with no money for combis (that means we will be walking a whole lot more), and only with oatmeal, water, hot sauce and a little bit of knock off nutella. Whatever, it's food We can survive. Triste Hermanas. (Sad Sisters)

But, not to worry, we are pro at casually getting members to feed us. For example, last night we went to the house of a less active. Just as we were about to leave, I asked for water, to which she of course replied yes. 

When she opened the fridge, it reminded her of the all natural mango smoothie she had just made, and asked if we wanted some. So we sat down, started to drink our smoothie. I noticed that we had to be back in our house in 5 minutes. So I said, "Oh look at the time! I didn't realize how late it was! Sorry Hermana, is there any way we could take our smoothies to go?" 
So of course she filled an entire tupperware full of smoothie, decided it was way too dark for us to be out walking alone, and since she just happens to be one of the 4 members in our ward who has a car, drove us to our house. Now we will have delicious mango smoothies for breakfast for 3 days!! Ah, the life of a missionary.

We have been working a lot with our recent convert, Hermano J. And he wants to serve a mission!! It's kind of the coolest thing ever, because he says he's been praying every night about whether he should serve a mission or not. 

So he was in our Principles del Evangelio clase (gospel principles class), and we asked what hymn everyone wanted to sing. He just typed in a random number, 169 or something. The hymn was about missionary work! It's called "Predicad al mundo" o algo asi (or something like that).  (english LDS hymn is "go forth with faith" #263)

He took that to be his answer!! He's now super stoked and wants to prepare to leave in a year! And he just got baptized last week! He is such a great example to me! The gospel really has changed his life.

So this week we had 103 people attend church. THAT'S RIGHT. 103. WE BROKE 100!!!!!!!! I'm the happiest girl in THE WORLD. Hermana Juarez and I also did really well with our numbers... which means we worked UN BUEN (a lot). We had the highest number of lessons we've ever had in a week, and just had a lot of success.

We are convinced its because we made a goal to try to be more obedient. It's not like we're disobedient... it's just little things. Like personal study for 5 min over the scheduled time...not completely following the spirit...leaving our house at 12:05 instead of 12. Little things.

But we've really been making an effort to be EXACTLY OBEDIENT. We are nowhere near perfect, but we are working on it. And I really can see how the Lord is blessing us. Imagine how much the Lord can bless us if we do EXACTLY what he says. 

Faith in action is obedience. I never realized that until I came on my mission. But the truth is every single commandment has a specific blessing that God is OBLIGATED to give us. He has to! It's a promise.

La verdad (the truth), when we keep his commandments we are actually more free than we would be if we don't, because the Lord is on our side. 

I challenge you all to find a commandment that you are struggling with, and work to be exactly obedient to this commandment. I PROMISE THE LORD WILL BLESS YOU UN BUEN (a lot). 

I love you all!!! 

Hermana Hansen

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 Hermana Hansen sharing her CTR stickers she brought from the US