Monday, February 2, 2015

Test of Faith....Missionary Work Isn't Easy

I guess I'll start off this email on a good note and let you know that I broke the word of wisdom for the first time on my mission---with our VERY OWN ZONE LEADERS. What the heck? And it was given to us by a member! I plead the fact that I'm an American and I just drink what the members give me (probably should start being more careful). 

 Our little friend

Tepache is like fermented pineapple or something and although it doesn't have a lot of alcohol.... it apparently has a little bit. TRISTE LIDERES DE ZONA Y HERMANA WHO FED US THE DEVILS FERMENTED PINEAPPLE WATER. Ni modo, (either way) life goes on.

 Hermana Juarez teaches Hma Hansen how to curl her eyelashes with a spoon

This week after we committed an investigator to be baptized, as we were leaving he said, "Hermanas, solo una pregunta.....cuanto cuesta... el bautismo?" (Sisters, one question, how much does it cost to be baptized) JAJAJA! He wanted to know how much it cost! We just blinked at him and burst out laughing because nobody has ever asked us that!! We were laughing so hard we were barely able to gasp out, "GRATIS. GRATIS" (it's free) jejeje

Later as we were in the combi with the same investigator I thought it was time to get out, so I said (to the driver), "En la parada por favor"  (at the next stop please) only for the investigator to tell me that we still had two more stops. So I panicked and yelled,"CHISTE. BROMA". (joking, just kidding)

On another note I officially have less than a year on my mission....I go home the February 1, 2016.What is this?? Yeah enough of that. (Mama Hansen is excitedly marking her calendar!!!!)

So this week was a little difficult because our investigator who was supposed to get baptized on Saturday.... didn't. He's 81, blind in one eye and a miracle! We found him about a month ago outside his house one day and discovered that he was taught by the elders in this area about 2 years ago. He's been to church more than 5 times and was just super golden! So we've been teaching him and he's just the cutest thing ever. Whenever we sing for him he taps his chair to the beat and I literally die. 

Well, every investigator that's gonna get baptized ALWAYS has a faith test. ALWAYS. The week before baptism is when Satan works his hardest...because the last thing he wants is another baptism. Usually we are able to help our investigators pass this prueba de fe (test of faith)...but unfortunately Hermano A.....didn't pass. 

This Saturday, he wasn't feeling well. So we called up Elder Nava and Elder Giles to come give him a blessing. We went to his house at 4... the baptism was at 5. But, excuse after excuse came out. He said that he wanted to wait to get baptized...He wasn't ready...He wasn't feeling well.... 

Then the chick that's taking care of him came in with her niece and they start confusing him and everything. Luckily, here we have 4 servants of the Lord, and we start following the Spirit like there's no tomorrow

The spirit was so strong. There is no way they didn't feel it. But they all denied it. And Hermano A. made the decision not to be baptized that day. 

At the end the niece started bashing on us bien feo (very bad) saying he didn't know anything and we were obligating him or something (which she's wrong...he is ready....and we are only here to invite...not to obligate). But, ay it was just horrible. So we ended with a closing prayer and invited her to say it. It was horrible as well. Her eyelids were fluttering and she was practically yelling who knows what... a weird form of Padre Nuestro or something. I've honestly never felt so horrible in all my mission.
Afterwards we were... well a little bummed because Hermano A. is so ready, and we had so much faith that he was gonna get baptized! Like is our faith not valid or something?? But something that Elder Nava told me hit me hard, "At times its not our faith that's lacking... it's their faith."

It's true. Hermano A. had his prueba de fe (test of faith) and didn't pass. But I'm not letting this discourage me. We have recommitted him, and he's gonna get baptized this Saturday! He's so ready to follow Christ. Why isn't missionary work easy? Because the salvation of souls isn't easy. 

This work is amazing. And I'm excited to start a new week. Tomorrow could be the second coming, so I'm gonna work my hardest TODAY. 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Hansen