Monday, February 9, 2015

It's Never too Late to Change!

The mission life: P-days and the "Work and the Glory". Could I ask for more? I vaguely remember watching this movie back in the days before the mish.... and I don't remember liking it. But here in the's like the best thing ever to happen to P-days. THE THRILL. THE TREACHERY. BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER. It's better than the vampire diaries. Thank goodness it has 3 parts.... (we will be finishing up the third one today). Needless to say.... it just goes to show how desperate we are for entertainment.

Hermanas Hansen & Juarez with Hermanita A (baptism date...28 de feb) and recently baptized Hermano A

So I don't have a lot of time but this week was SUPER MEGA BIEN. Hermano A. got baptized! He really has lived a super hard life. I don't have time to go into detail. But the gospel was exactly what he needed.

He's 81, blind in one eye, and is the perfect example of how it's NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE. Never. God always will accept us with open arms.

Hermano A's baptism day

Hermana Juarez and I also completed the Normas de Excelencia. (weekly mission goals) Which means we WORKED FREAKING HARD. This is super hard to do and usually only about 3 companionships complete the Normas cada semana (each week) in the ENTIRE MISSION. But we did it!!! 

And we are happy, and tired. And glad for P-day. I know we were able to do it because we've been amping up our obedience. Trying to be exactly obedient in EVERYTHING. The Lord DOES hear our prayers, and HE DOES bless us for our efforts. 

This is BOLIS. It's ice cream in a bag that everyone and their dog sell out of their may seem sketchy...but it's actually delicious! And like 5 pesos. Welcome to Chiapas.

Q&A with Hermana H

As a gringa senior companion still learning the language do you get to talk on the phone in Spanish?

Lol! Yes! I always talk on the phone in Spanish! It's usually not too difficult. The only problem is at times they can't understand me. But I can understand them! It's all good because when I don't understand...I just say, "Bueno aqui es mi compañera" (ok here's my companion) and she takes over.

What is your goal for weekly street contacts? 

The mission goal is 140 a that's 20 a day. But our record is like 65 in one day! Haha! It's fun contacting all the people in the combis. There will be like 20 people crammed in there and I'm just like, "BUENAS TARDES SOMOS MISIONERAS DE LA IGLESIA DE JESUCRISTO DE LOS SANTOS DE LOS ULTIMOS DIAS". (good afternoon we're missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) Then we continue with passing out pass a long cards, taking down names, and sometimes even inviting people to baptism right then and there! Haha it's pretty fun. 

Do you participate in Ward Council on Sundays?  Who is your ward mission leader and how does that all work? 
Well our wards pretty inconsistent with that. We go when we have it. Mission leader? Haha we don't have one. Or currently a bishop. Hermano G. was our old ward mission leader, but now he's the secretary and they haven't called a new one. So it's all the 1st counselor, Hemano M. and the missionaries can do to just keep it running!! So it's a work in progress.

More photos from Hermana Hansen's week in Tuxtla Central...
Hermanas Juarez & Hansen with Hermano D (investigator) and his girlfriend Hermana A (menos activo). They are gonna get married but unfortunately couldn't get a date til April....we are trying to sniggle their date up sooner because I'm pretty sure I'll be gone in March

 Our favorite taquitos

We need to take Beckham to this playground

Gorditas....the best in the world!