Monday, January 12, 2015

Earthquakes, Zone Conference and 96 Blessings!

So, we had two earthquakes this week! I don't know why but I have a rep for being really calm during earthquakes... but I'm not gonna lie this last one was a little frightening.

Funny story: We went to Chiapa de Corzo and ran into the Hermanas from our district there too!! Party!

They always seem to happen while we are sleeping or eating.... if we are eating everyone's screaming and ducking under the table and I just continue eating my tortilla all like, "This too shall pass".

Hermana Martinez (she goes home in one week...triste)

 And when it's at night and my companion wakes up screaming, "HERMANA HANSEN WHY ARE OUR BEDS MOVING IS IT AN EVIL SPIRIT?" I'm just like, "Ya calmase (calm down). It's just an earthquake" and continue sleeping.

But last night there was a really strong one around 2 AM. Hermana Juarez screamed at me to turn on the light so I did, and our whole room was shaking. Usually you can just feel the vibrations, but I literally saw our whole room shaking and our beds were moving A LOT.

 Bartering like pros

So that went from the cool level to, "We're on the second floor of our house and probably gonna die" level real fast, but then it was over and no pasa nada (nothing happened). Whatever, I'm over it.

Ummmm we may have gone a little peso loco....

So this week we had an AMAZING zone conference. Like, I'm not even gonna describe it because you just had to be there. But needless to say, my zone is the absolute BEST.

Our ward is progressing A LOT. Which is so satisfying to see! Almost 5 months of hard work in this area and I feel like it's finally paying off! It helps that our ward is now on the 10 AM schedule and not 8 really does effect the ward attendance.

Hermano A decided to go to California....triste Hermano A....adios!

But we had 96 freaking people in church yesterday! A new record! and 6 investigators! God is blessing us so much in this area! There have been some weeks when we only had 15 people starting out and about 30 by the end of the meeting.... so to have almost 100 is huge. 

Thanks for taking care of our Hermanas Mama C!

I love this work! El campo esta blanco YA para la siega!!! (the field is white and ready to harvest)

Hermana Hansen

More pictures from Hermana H's week..



The night before P-day