Monday, November 2, 2015

That Awkward Moment When You Almost Go to Jail

Well it was another week of miracles here in good old Tapachula....

This time we got saved from going to a sketchy Mexican immigration prison!! Woooo!!! 

We were coming back from intercambios in Tuxtla Chico (which is right on the border of Guatemala). When randomly immigration stopped our combi and asked for our green cards. OK, usually I have my green card with me. But, we had just renewed mine and I had left it in my other wallet at the house.

Hermana Baker didn't even have hers because they just barely renewed it. It was still down in Tuxtla. Now, this might not sound like a big deal. But, there have been some missionaries here recently who had to spend a night or two in the immigration jail until Presidente could come bail them out..... and I DID NOT ONE TO BE ONE OF THEM.

So I just start praying in my head like crazy and start pulling out my wallet. Hermana Baker finds a wet paper copy of her green card and gives it to the guy. When I open my wallet in complete panic mode, I see the MOST BEAUTIFUL SIGHT. MY GREEN CARD. I can promise you that I am 100% sure I never put it in there. I always keep it in my other wallet!! And they randomly accepted Hermana Baker's wet, expired paper copy!!!! AND WE DIDN'T GO TO JAIL!! 

That's all. 

Hermana Hanzel