Wednesday, October 28, 2015


 OK I know I say this every week.... but this was a week of miracles!!! Ya, I know I'm sure you are all sick of miracles by now. So I'll start out with swimming.

This week we went swimming in the river! Well... not really. What due to weird hurricane trends it rained even more than it usually does. So, the river rose and flooded a lot of houses in our area. We just happened to be eating this day...right next to the river. It started pouring right as we were finishing up, which, we would normally just say NI MODOS and leave in it. 
But, something told us to stay and wait a bit. SO we used this opportunity to help out the Hermana with some family history. Suddenly, her mom comes running in screaming, "SAVE THE CHICKENS! SAVE THE CHICKENS! THE RIVER´S RISING!" We looked outside to see the river was indeed rising, and very quickly. So we helped move the chickens (well... Hermana Baker did.. I'm still scarred from when I killed a chicken a while ago and can't touch them really...) 
Then everyone just kind of stood around taking videos and pictures. I asked everyone, "Are you sure it's not gonna flood the house? It's pretty close." 
But everyone said, "No, don't worry. It always rises a little bit, and usually floods the street. But, in our 35 years living here it's never flooded the house." 
Bueno. So everyone just stood around taking pictures for a while. Then suddenly we hear, "THE RABBITS! SAVE THE RABBITS!!" We had neglected to see the river was flooding in the back of the patio, and was about to drown the rabbits! 
Everything went really fast after that.... a bunch of screaming, "THE DOGS! SAVE THE DOGS!" and "THE CHICKENS!" and "THE PARROTS!" and "WHERE ARE THE KIDS" and "THE MATTRESS!! SAVE THE MATTRESS" and "THE PLANTS!" 

Perhaps the weirdest of all, was when the river started going down people started screaming, "THE FISH! SAVE THE FISH!!" 
Here are a bunch of houses filled with water and damaged, but almost everyone on the street was outside looking for the little fish that had been left behind, to throw them back in the river! Hermana Baker and I were laughing so hard.... like Ron Weasley would say, "Where are your priorities??" 
But it was such a good thing we stayed. We were able to help out quite a lot, and there might have been more damage or some dead animals if we would have left right after we were done eating like we had planned.

Another fun thing that happened is we went to Izapa with our cookie family, Hermano E, and Hermanas Y and D!!!! We saw the rock of the tree of life... but it was kind of lame because its been badly taken care of... so you couldn't really see it... We also climbed a pyramid that looked just like a hasn't been completely uncovered yet...and some random pyramids that were pretty cool. Also we wore pants and did some long needed head stands. Long story short, it was a blast. 

AND for the miracles. Hermanas D AND J GOT BAPTIZED!!!! I've talked about their conversion stories in past letters, but it was amazing! Hermana D got baptised in the morning, then we rushed off to Tuxtla Chico for a rescate. We came back just in time for Hermana J's baptism! 
In Hermana D´s baptism, her mom came down from Comitan and spoke. Hermana Y. spoke as well, and it was just a beautiful, spiritual experience because she is the last of the family to get baptized! 

In Hermana J's baptism, when she was sharing her testimony, she said, "I bet a lot of you think I got baptised for my boyfriend. BUT NO. I did this for ME, and for GOD, because I know this church is true!!" ESOOOOO.

Love this lifffeeeee.
Hermana Hansen