Monday, October 5, 2015

Put our faith in God...and all will work out!

Well, don't shoot me because we are in Tuxtla and I can't upload pictures, because I didn't listen to the Spirit and bring my memory card adapter... and there's no way to upload pics from this computer. So you'll all just have to hold your horses and wait till next week to see my new zone and selfies of me and Hermana Baker.... jajaja. (Pictures this week are from past weeks of Hermana Hansen's service in Tapachula & Provo MTC)


I'm sure you are all wondering how it goes with 2 gringas in Tapachula.... JUNTAS. Well we´ve only been chased by a drunk guy once so far, so I´d say its going pretty well.
Hermanas Baker & Hansen in front of the Provo Temple

It's pretty fun to be with Hermana Baker again, because we struggled and grew so much together in the MTC, and now we really get to see how we have grown in our 13 months away from each other and how we teach and stuff. Probably my favorite part of this week was to watch Hermana Baker teach someone how to pray.... I remember us struggling so much with that in the MTC! We could never remember the words! Haha! Now we actually speak Spanish, and she did is so powerfully... a la mecha... fue bien padre de verdad. She is an amazing missionary, and I have a whole lot to learn from her. FIESTA (of missionary work of course).

So this week I learned God loves us, and He blesses us, but that doesn't mean we won't ever have trials, even if they are small.

 Hermanas Baker & Hansen taking a break from studying Spanish at Provo MTC

My first day working with Hermana Baker was Wednesday. We had super great day. We helped a young women find more than 10 names to take to the temple, found 8 new investigators, and contacted and taught a bunch of people. The investigator that we couldn't find earlier, ended up knocking on our door at night so we could talk to her! (She's our neighbor). God was so good to us, and I was seeing MIRACLES that day! 

Then the next day, despite our efforts, was horrible.

We were late for an intercambio with some other Hermanas. As I was trying to call them for their direction I dropped the phone in the street... which was a river because it was raining. So our cell phone died, and we couldn't get a hold of anyone to tell them! Then we had to rush off to the baptism of the ward. As I was introducing Hermana Baker to all of the ward members, I called one of our ward members who had just been called to the stake presidency "Hermano" instead of "Presidente". His wife got annoyed with me in front of everyone (I just played dumb like I didn't speak Spanish.... haha). To top it all off as we were walking from the church building, a freaking drunk started following us for quite a bit. Then he started yelling things at us. So we started running until we got to our ward mission leader's house and ran inside. He ended up chasing us all the way there! (Don't freak out mom.... we were fine hahaha)

Our ward mission leader was protective and didn't let us leave his house and then walked us home...Also, we had exactly.... ZERO. Zero lessons this day... and like 3 contacts. I don't think that's ever happened before!

But whatever...I was humbled and learned that we just have to take our bad days with the good ones.. put our faith in God... and all will work out! 

We put the phone in rice (as I learned from my junior high and high school days) and it worked like a charm! It works great now! And a guy from the little store saw us running away from the drunk and I guess ran out and stopped him from chasing us. He talked to us later and he told us to be careful. Now we have an opportunity to share the gospel with him! 

And, our new zone leader is great, his name is Elder Jarrett, and he made history by opening a branch  and a prayer house in Tonala. He's just the humblest and the best ever... and has the best ideas! Combined with Hermana Baker and Elder de Jesus... they are the dream team! And I got to listen to conference on Saturday and Sunday... only 6 months until the next one! WOOOOO! 

So I'm super excited for this transfer, we are gonna tear things up. We are really focusing more on the Obedience, which brings Faith, which brings MIRACLES. We are also focused on helping the missionaries and the members of Tapachula gain stronger testimonies...instead of only focusing on the numbers. It's just what I need to wake me up out of my almost dangerous slumber of sameness!!! I'm loving the life as usual.

 I made this tortilla by hand

Love you all! 

Hermana Hansen