Monday, November 23, 2015

Amazing, Faithful Families in Teopisca

Something that's funny about small town branches is that people don't really understand the whole reverence thing. A cute investigator walked into sacrament meeting late, as Presidente George was giving his talk.
She said very loudly, "Better late than never! Buenas tardes Hermanos!" 

President George, looking very shocked (as it was the middle of his talk) said, "Oh, bienvenida hermana. Buenas tardes!!" 


Pues.... what to say? We are seeing miracles, and finding amazing families who want to be baptised. We just have to marry them all first.... hahah welcome to CHIAPAS. The land where nobody gets married unless they are Mormon!!

But we really have seen a ton a miracles and are working hard. We won our zone's traveling Christmas tree this week for having the overall best week! Haha.

I love Teopisca. There aren't a lot of members. But they are faithful, give us food every week and are always ready to come work with us and give us references. They are the best and I love them!!!

The other day we almost got ran over by three bulls on the loose. But, luckily we weren't wearing red. So I just gave them my most gringa threatening stare (as Hermana Arellano tried not to break down), and they stopped charging at us and walked on past. WOO.

The inside of our newly constructed church

Loving life out here in the boonies! Picking corn and beans every day and preaching the gospel too.

Love, Hermana Hansen