Monday, May 18, 2015

The Book of Mormon is True

We had interviews with Presidente this week again!!! Which means instead of quiz me about random normal missionary interview stuff like the law of chastity, I got to talk with presidente for almost an hour as he shared his secret stash of chocolates and gave me advice. Yeah, I love Papa George.

Stopped into visit the G Family from Central

This week was full of two more ant explosions, three crazy rainstorms, rivers en la calle, mole and pozol (like the best Mexican dish everrrr), fasting miracles, and (sadly) dropping investigators. 

 I think what I learned most this week is just how important the Book of Mormon is, and my testimony has grown from it. During this week as we were pondering on what stopped our investigator from getting baptized, we realized that the real problem was her lack of a testimony of the Book of Mormon. The worst part is.... we KNEW that she didn't have a strong testimony of it. (oops)

 But, she was coming to church, accepting all the other lessons so nicely, and had such a strong desire to get baptized that we kind of pushed it to the side. We focused on teaching her the commandments... so she could be ready for the baptism interview...instead of focusing in the real problem. That's why everything fell through at the last minute.

Even though she had been going to church every week, praying, and had received a vision where she felt like this is the church she should join..... she doesn't believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. Her biggest doubt was, "And where does it talk about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon in the bible? LA BIBLIA ES ÚNICA!" (The Bible is the only truth)

Although we can show her evidence, scriptures in the bible that talk about the Book of Mormon.... she wont accept any of it...because she never ever even once prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true. Sure, she prayed about the church. But, never once about the Book of Mormon. And she said she never will. She won't ask God that question because the Bible is única. And if she doesn't ask, we can't do anything more to help her. 

So fun to see Mama C and her crew from Central again!

As we explained her all of this in our "drop talk"... how we could still be her friends but until she made the decision to pray about the Book of Mormon we couldn't help her any further...she got super upset. She screamed at us, "Me duele mamitas ! Estan cortando me a mi corazon!" (you hurt me, you're cutting my heart) And I thought of all the times in the Book of Mormon, when a prophet speaks the truth, and the people feel as if something has cut their heart, because it's true and they are denying it...and all of her comments made sense. She's denying the truth. She's felt the truth, and that's why she's saying it hurts her. 

Visited with Hermano A from my last area

For me, my testimony soared as this point. I now know again without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true, because I can see its prophecies coming to pass right before my eyes.

Baptism! Of a kid in the ward who turned 8. (No, we didnt teach him. Don't get excited haha)

On a better note, the power of fasting is real, and also our authority as missionaries is real. We promised Hermano J in the name of Jesus Christ that if he fasted, went to church, and studied his heart out that he would pass all of his super hard medical exams. And he did!

A lot of people questioned us, "Why would you promise him he will pass?? You guys cant do that!" But we knew that if he followed the steps we gave him that he would pass. Christ can do anything, and we promised it in His name. Now, it's just up to Hermano J. to act on his newfound answer. Hopefully his answer will strengthen his testimony, and we can help him get baptized pronto. 

Tuxtla Rainstorm


Hermana Hansen 

Enjoy more photos from Hermana Hansen's week 

Bolis with Hermano Carlos, Hermana Luis, and Hermana E!

Ant explosion round 3...but this time with giant ants with wings

 Crossing the gross sewer water river to change into our water shoes hahaha


 The view from Hermana Luis apartment!