Monday, May 4, 2015

Super MEGA Splash!

So.... not so chido thing happened this week... my companion has been super sick.. she has had a temperature of 38 or 39 C almost every day. So we were feeling a little (actually a lot) of desanimo....But then we decided that we would talk to Presidente George about the problem and ask him for a blessing that Hermana Guarcax could get better.

 He gave her the blessing. And my companion has been feeling a lot better.... not 100 percent but she at least doesn't have a fever of scary heights all the time so we are counting our blessings. THE POWER OF THE PRIESTHOOD IS REAL FOOLS.

Reunited with Hermana Juarez!

Onnnnn another note.... this week we had an amazing experience. The other Hermanas in our ward have an eternal investigator, Hermano O., who has been to church 17 times. Yes, 17. He pays his tithing, goes to ward activities, and even asked bishop if he could give a talk in church.  But... he won't get baptized!!!!

So Hermana Guarcax and I came up with a plan.... to SURPRISE SUPER SPLASH Hermano O. into the waters of baptism.... jajaja. So we went to work in the area of the other Hermanas, and went to their lesson with him, so us four could all work on him and figure out what was really holding him back. And it was amazing.

For once somehow everything we planned actually worked out. We planned a couple of different activities to kind of iron him out haha and humble him down so we could ask some inspired questions and really figure out what was holding him back.... and it worked.

We had a celestial lesson, completely led by the spirit. We were teaching him in a park, but the spirit was so strong it seemed like we were the only people there. We testified, ironed him super hard but with a lot of love, and somehow the questions came to our mouths and the spirit touched his heart enough to open up.

In the end, he commited to an appointment for his interview. It was amazing! So Sunday he had his interview... and he passed!!! But, he says he todavía doesn't want to get baptized. Sooooo... we are gonna have a SUPER MEGA SPLASH with our zone leaders on Wednesday..... and we will see how it goes.

But I seriously know that if we plan, study and sincerely care and want to help the person... we don't need to worry about what we will say. Because the spirit will guide us.

Reunited with Hermana Baker from the MTC!


Hermana Hansen

Enjoy more pictures from Hermana Hansen's week!


Hermana L gave us some new lipstick!

 Ward Party fun!