Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Enjoy Every Day and Focus in the MOMENT!

Well this week has been a little interesting because my poor comp has been super sick on and off because of the heat with a terrible cold, a cough, an infection and a fever. So working has been mas o menos. But, she's a trooper!

Also, kidney stone round two. I still have it! The pain came back and has been off and on all week.... called the triste doctor and he's like, "Just drink water! It will pass eventually....maybe." And then gave me pain medication that didn't even work. Chido. But whatever, I'm over it. But yeah, I'll be happy when it passes. IF it passes..... jajajajaja!

Funny things...we've started our own "Key Indicator" that we count every week.... "Lecciones con perro presente (lessons with dog present) ." There's this street dog that's practically a Mormon because he's always in the church. Once we gave him water, so now he's our friend and follows us around.... everywhere. Like to all our lessons and everything. Everyone asks if he's our dog and we say, "No, solo un amigo." (no just a friend) Jajaja

Our Mormon Dog

So... its hot. Like 39 - 40 C (I think thats like 104 F or something)... with humidity. So that's been fun. But it's given us an excuse to take our umbrellas everywhere and go Jehovah's Witness all over the place. (Their missionaries ALWAYS walk around using umbrellas for shade.... and we always used to make fun of them BUT NOW WE ARE THOSE MISSIONARIES.)

Haha! We look so much like the JW's that the other day a random JW stopped us in the street as she was walking back from her service and greeted us!!! The look on her face when she saw our badge and realized we were Mormon missionaries was priceless. 

So with us both being sick a lot this week, I've had a lot more thinking time than usual...which is weird. But, I've been thinking a lot about time and how it passes by us. Like, how I'm almost half way through my mission.... what? It's a crazy thought.

 And how as humans we are always wanting something different with time than what we have. Like I remember when I was in Jr High and High school... all I wanted to do was go to college! And then in college all I wanted to do was get on my mission... and in the MTC all I wanted to do was get out to Mexico.... and now I would do anything to go back to the simple life again, and live every moment of my childhood over again without wishing for something else!

Drinking pozol... there are literally no cups here... only if you go to a restaurant

And then I realized.. wait.... that means I'm wishing for something else todavia!!! Ah!!!!! But that's just how life works! We always want more or less with time. And we are always wishing to be in a different place then where we are.

But my new goal is to change that.... I'm going to enjoy and live every day that I have left of my mission focused in THE MOMENT. Not wishing for new area, or old area, or whatever. I'm determined to conquer this natural man and just ENJOY LIFE. So yeah, sorry for the random spiel. 

Our church is one of the nicest in Tuxtla - has A/C, benches and is where Elder Oaks visited all the missionaries


Hermana Hansen pues