Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Farewell Hermana Yorgason!!

Tristemente.... I forgot my planner with all my notes written down about what I want to write you all so we will see how this letter goes!!

 Cambiooosssss!!! I'm killing off La Yorgason... triste dia...and will be receiving my new comp Hermana Guarcax tomorrow!! I think she's from Guatemala... but I'll let you know for sure next week!

I'm gonna miss Hermana Yorgason a lot... I learned so much from her. How to be a happy missionary all the time... how to really love the people... I admire her so much and we had a great time together!

Wow, this week was full of crazies and miracles. And crazy miracles.
SO, I got to go to Hermana N's wedding (one of my friend's from Central who married her zone leader from her mission.... jajajaja)! It was super beautiful!

 And!! Hermana D got baptised!!! I can't believe it. Her conversion really is a testimony of how the spirit works miracles. She's Hermano C (our recent convert's) cousin, and lives in our favorite house of menos activos, recent converts, and investigators.

The first time we met her, she wouldn't listen to us. The second time she was kind of obligated to because she was locked out of her house, and we were all waiting outside for Hermano P. to come home. Then the next time we came back, she hit us with a bunch of weird questions (like do Mormons believe in aliens...), and we didn't know if she even really had a desire to learn. But we didn't give up on her...even when she attacked the poor gospel principles teacher with questions at church as well.

After all this, we then found out that she had MAYBE been baptized when she was younger... and just an inactive member!! But after a few weeks of searching, and continuing teaching her, and her seeing the amazing example of her cousin, Hermano C,...the spirit worked within her and she changed so much.

Hermano C with Hermanas Hansen & Yorgason on his baptism day

She actually started listening in the lessons, asking sincere questions, and progressing. She starting changing into a COMPLETELY different person. It has been amazing to watch. 

Por fin, we received the splendid news that she was indeed NOT BAPTIZED. She accepted a baptism for the next Saturday. It was beautiful. Hermano R. and Hermana J. brought a home made pizza, and many members came to support her.

Coming out of the water, she had the biggest smile on her face. This Hermana, who hardly ever smiled before, was now smiling so big. Then she and Hermano C. were confirmed together yesterday in sacrament meeting.

It was absolutely a miracle! She wasn't a person that we would have expected to ever get baptized! It just goes to show that sometimes escogidos are hidden!

That's all I have time for... although a bunch of other crazy stuff happened this week....stories for another day perhaps. 

Love you all!! 
Hermana Hansen