Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kidney stones, Miracles and a Baptism!

 District Selfie

Take this as you will... but I found out this morning I do indeed have a kidney stone (which would explain the random pain I've been having in my back and abdomen). The worst was last night when I didn't know what was going on.  But, don't worry (mom)! Bishop came over at 3:30 am and brought his doctor bro...determined it was a kidney stone, bought me medicine at 4 am, and gave me a blessing. The worst of it has passed (according to the ultrasound guy). Now I just need to drink a lot of water and should be passing it today. Should be a party. PIEDRA FIESTA!

Hermanas Hansen and Yorgason with Hermana G 

We watched the General Women's Conference (in Espanol) on Saturday!! I could actually understand everything this time around which makes me SUPER excited for General Conference!! The best part was the random music video "The Family is of God" at the begining (which was totally creepily tender and I loved every minute of it). But it would have been better in Spanish.

Intercambios this week with Hermana Cavallo de Dominican Republic. She's even sassier than me, so we had a good time. Working with her I really am even more grateful for the life I have lived, the family and situation I grew up in. It also makes me so grateful for America (GO USA) and so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission. I have never seen anyone love the mission more than Hermana Cavallo. She truly is an inspiration!!!

My first time eating elote and I've been in Mexico for 8 months.... am I even Mexican??

So.... milagros, milagros (miracle, miracle)...

Hermano C. GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!! He was like the last person you would expect to be escogido (chosen)...but he totally was. It just goes to show you never know who is ready to accept the gospel in their life. His conversion story is absolutely hermoso (beautiful). We assigned him to read Alma 36... which he ended up reading 3 times because it was an answer to his prayers.

He told us, "When I was younger, I would go around making fun of people who believed in God, and telling them not to believe in Him. I've felt super guilty ever since I accepted God in my life and started praying, feeling like He could never forgive me for what I did. It's been tormenting me all these years."

 Hermano C and Hermano J

"But then I learned about the Atonement, and I read Alma the Youngers story. When I read that chapter I felt a peace come over me, and I knew that I could repent. God had forgiven me, and I finally felt this burden lifted off my shoulders. If only one chapter in the Book of Mormon can make me feel this way... then this church is true. The Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. The atonement is real.

'Nuff said. Hermano C. is the best. This church is true. There's no doubt about it. It's changing lives here in Pimienta and all over the world.

Elder Wixom (district leader), Elder Luna, Yo, Hermana Yorgason, Hermana Luis, y Hermana Cavallo

Hermana Hansen

Enjoy more photos from Hermana Hansen's week!

 Mom...Hermana Cavallo is modeling a bag.....that I need...for my birthday...because my bag totally sucks and I have back problems because of it..... (awesome that I wasted 100 dollars right??) She bought hers in Dominican Rep... for the equivalent of 18 dollars...It's the best thing in the world! Apparently they also sell them in the Mexico City Temple.... maybe you can look online and order me one? I really need it my back is killing me haha. and thats all I want for my birthday. :) LOVE YOU! (Hey readers of Hermana H's blog...has anyone seen a bag similar to this..or is anyone going to the Domincan Republic or Mexico City Temple anytime soon..haha)? Let Mama Hansen know! Sounds like Jordyn needs a new bag!)