Monday, March 2, 2015

Strange Happenings

I'm 76 percent sure that the title of this email is the name of song on the "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack.

So this was a week of miracles, casi (almost) miracles, an apostle, roof top parties and strange happenings. 

Hermanas Cook, Juarez and Hansen..having a roof top fiesta

We had two investigators almost get baptized. Yes.... almost. One was literally on the top stair of the baptismal font, dipping his toe in the water. That's how close he got.

Hermanas Hansen and Juarez with Elders Nava and Giles

And the other was just on the other end of the phone.

So Hermanito A, Hermana V´s son, watched his mom get baptized. Just as he was about to walk into to Elder Giles`s loving, priesthood-ready-to-baptize-arms, he freaked out and started crying. Apparently, he has a fear of water that nobody knew about. I guess he had a bad experience when he was a kid and didn't remember about his almost drowning experience until literally moments before his own baptism. 

 Elder Giles´ almost baptism.... pobrecito jiji..

Despite the endless coaxing from Elder Giles and his mom, and a ton of fervent prayer from Hermana Juarez and I...he was too scared to get baptized. Pobrecito (poor thing). I guess we will try again next week. (When I'm not here...of course).

The other (missed baptism) was an investigator named Hermana B. Her boyfriend is a famous singer (and a recently activated again member). She hasn't even had all of the lessons yet, but started asking some random guy at church on Sunday how to pay her tithing. Hopelessly in love? Or escogido (chosen)? You decide.

 District Selfie
But the chiste (catch) is our zone leaders gave us a promise that if we made a list of people who could potentially get baptized and prayed, the Lord would indicate to us who could be baptized for that same weekend. 

Hermanas with recently baptized Hermano A.

We did the challenge, felt Hermana B. would be baptized, called her up on the phone...only to find out that her and her boyfriend had recently broken up. Not to worry, she still wanted to be baptized! But she wanted her boyfriend to be the one to do it. 

Hermana V...she has two kids on a mission...and is gonna get baptized soon! Without me... sobs

Long story short, we talked with her boyfriend, convinced him to help us out and baptize Hermana B. Everything was going perfectly, until he called us telling us he had a gig that night and couldn't come. Also, he and Hermana B. had gotten back together...and they wanted to wait a couple weeks for her to be baptized. 

Saying good byes to  Mama C and her son, Hermano G

Sigh. She is so ready! And it was so close I could smell the slightly chlorinated water of the baptismal  font. We were a little bummed because this seems to always happen to me and Hermana Juarez.... casi milagros...(almost miracles) but we decided it could be for our casi obediencia (almost obedience).

On a scale of 10, we are an almost perfect 9 on obedience. Maybe that's our problem. Also the Lord just likes to test our faith, so we can be ready for the bigger stuff. I need to learn to have faith in His timing... not mine. 

Elder Oaks came this week and it was freaking awesome. People always say that when an apostle of God walks into the room the spirit just hits them in a big wave. I didn't believe it honestly... but it's totally true. It was totally amazing. 

Final District Picture

It's so amazing that we have apostles in actualidad (present), just like the apostles in antiguedad (past). He gave us counsel that I will use for the rest of my life!

Well.... now for one of the strangest happenings. We got cambios (changes) this morning... and it looks like I'm still a city girl...cuz I'll be staying in Tuxtla! Although I will be in a different zone called Grijalva. It's  about 20 min away from Central (via taxi). I thought I was done with the city life and was ready to get down to the jungle (since I've ruined all my shoes in sewer water anyways)...but it's all good!
My farewell party...our favorite tacos!

I´ll be starting there as a freaking Capacitadora!! (a sister training leader). Um.....what? I´m not sure what Presidente George is thinking... I have no idea how I'm going to help and train all of the Hermanas in this new zone along with keeping up my own work.... with only 7 months experience.

Our favorite taco maker

But I guess the Lord knows what he's doing, and though I'm sort of freaking out...I'm excited to get to work. There's a ton of work in this new stake. Pile that on with working with of all of the Hermanas in my Zone...and there will be no time to rest! Haha not that there was time for that anyway. But, I guess I'm ready for the challenge. 

 Doing laundry with this roof-top view rocks!

I'm sad to be leaving Central... my home .I grew up here and I'll miss all the members and my converts, but I know it's time to move on.

 Shout out to Mama C and all those in Central for taking such good care of our Hermana! Gracias!!

Les amo mucho!!! 

Hermana Hansen


 Moving to a new apartment....Elder Giles and Elder Nava rode on top of all of this! hahahah

  We bought Hermana Garcia a cake because she goes home this week