Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Intercambiosx2, hard work and Krispy Kremes!!

This isn't my's Lindavista (the vista is Linda isn't it?)

 So I'm trying to remember what happened this week and its all a blur. All I remember is that I got sunburned multiple times, the heat and humidity is back which means sleepless nights, always being wet, walking around with an umbrella, looking scary all the time but I'm over it. The worst hasn't even hit yet so I'm not complaining. 


We also had intercambios TWICE this week.... which is super tiring but fun. My turn to travel so I got to go to Las Aguilas and Chiapa de Corzo!!! 
So our neighbors have ducks

In Las Aguilas, I was with Hermana Grau from Lima, Peru. I was a bit nervous going into it, wondering how I can help her and her area out. They don't have any investigators progressing, don't have a lot of lessons and contacts, and there animo was down. 

Intercambios with Hermana Grau de Peru!

But it ended up being super awesome!! We worked A TON. Had un BUEN de lessons and contacts, found some new escogido investigators, and had a TON of fun. All of the ward members and investigators just love Hermana Grau! She just is the funniest person alive without even knowing it. We had the best time! I'm pretty sure I have a six pack now from laughing so hard. (OK, maybe not. But I'm working on it).

It was the best experience for me because I was really able to see the pure love that God has for her, and how amazing it is that she is out here on a mission! Like, there are people waiting specifically for her!! She just has to find them!!

Throughout the day I was also able to watch her self esteem grow as a missionary and she even started contacting people all by herself!!! The love she has for the work, and the priority she makes to having the spirit lead the work really was super admirable. It was awesome!!!

Chiapa de Corzo with Hermana Hernandez

In Chiapa de Corzo, I was with Hermana Hernandez, who is dying (going home) this transfer with Hermana Yorgason!! It was super fun because she is like the most loving person I've ever met and super hilarious as well.

Chiapa de CORZO

The area of Chiapa de Corzo is HUGE and beautiful!! It's un pueblo magico! So it was super awesome. I learned a lot from her as well. I made fun of her a lot for "dying" because she tripped and almost fell like 6 times...but she sure isn't dying mission wise!!! She's amazing. 

 So a member in Chiapa gave us a some Krispy Kreme's that her hubbie brought from Ciudad de Mexico! I literally cried! My first donut in 7 months! So happy!

That's all I have time for.... miracles are happening! We have a whole house of less actives and investigators that are all progressing and we are hoping to get baptized soon!! 

 Chiapa de Corzo nite life

Love you all!! 
Hermana Hansen

More pictures from Hermana H's week!