Monday, March 9, 2015

Two Gringas in Mexico

Hermana Hansen with her new GRINGA companion,  Hermana Yorgason

Yep, you read it right! My new companion is a gringa from Provo, Utah. She's almost 6 foot, blonde, and about to die (she's leaving after this transfer.... :() But even though she's dying mission wise...she is definitely not dying ANIMO (excitement) wise. She is THE HAPPIEST missionary I've ever met and tiene un BUEN de ganas a trabajar (she has a lot of desire to work). She's the best.

Hermana Yorgason decorated my desk..."Welcome to Pimienta the best area in Chiapas"

It's so weird to have a gringa companion... I hope it doesn't halt my Spanish progress because sometimes we get talking and before we know it we moved onto Spanglish and sometimes full on English! We don't even realize it!! But, we are working on it... jaja.

That awesome moment when members of your ward take you to a marimba restaurant for lunch

I'm already learning UN BUEN de su ejemplo (a ton from her example) , and I'm remembering how fun it is to be a missionary!!

And being a capacitadora (sister training leader) isn't as scary as I thought it would be... it's actually super fun!! So far I like it even better than training (but we haven't had any intercambios (exchanges) yet so we will see...). Even though it's a lot of work and pressure it really is just a beautiful job. I get the opportunity to work with, and help, and learn from, and love all the hermanas in my zone. It's awesome!

Also, our zone leaders are Elder Brass (who was an assistente to the mission president) and Elder Carreon (who is my same generation). We get to work with them a lot, and they are super funny and bien chido (very cool) as well!! It's gonna be a fun transfer.

SO my area. It's called Pimienta. My area is tiny.... like 8 blocks. We can walk the whole thing at a slow pace in like less than 15 min. We have an AWESOME bishop, an AMAZING ward mission leader, and UN BUEN de ayuda (a ton of help) from the ward.

Like, we are all a team. Just how it should be! I totally miss all the members in Central. But, the members here are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING as well. I've already found a new mission mom, Hermana C!! 

So some funny stories from this week....

I got electrocuted. Bad extension cord. Don't worry, I'm fine, my arm just tingled for a few hours. I felt like the kid from Moonrise Kingdom (maybe only Katie will get that reference....) 

 Hermano P. beat us in an arm wrestle with one finger!

Some joven told me that if we procreated our children would have beautiful eyes. I just blinked at him and Hermana Yorgason responded, "Guess we will be teaching you next about eternal families." jajajaja

I'm attempting to learn two native ancient dialects that people speak here, Centahl and Sotsil. People usually just laugh when I attempt. Ho on ish Ouish Hansen!!!!

YEP I'm with an American....

That's all for now... LOVE YOU ALL... TENGA UN BONITA DIA (have a beautiful day)

Hermana Hansen

Pictures from Hermana Hansen's last day in Central
 One last selfie with Hermanas Hansen, Cook & Juarez


With my bestie, Hermana N., who is getting married in APRIL

Farewell for now Hermana Juarez & Central