Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy 9 Months to Meeeeee!

Our last supper before the diet...

Happy 9 months to meeeee!!

And FELIZ DIA DE MADRE.  I loved talking to you all yesterday it was THEEE best.

Look who I found.... a friend from high school Hermana Humphrey!

Soooo this week came with some of the hardest trials on my mission but also some of the greatest achievements One of our investigators scheduled for baptism this past Saturday did not get baptized. 
Las Capacitadoras de Chiapas minus three

Due to an unfortunate series of events that included anti-mormons telling her blasphemy, an anti-mormon magazine, a supposed to be spiritual trip to the temple that ended up being a total backfire and disaster, an attempted super splash baptism interview with one of our zone leaders and our district leader, and a shaky testimony of the Book of Mormon that came tumbling to the all resulted in her not only not wanting to be baptized, but announcing very loudly that she would never be a part of "you Mormons".

But through it all, I know that we are working hard and God is blessing our efforts. We had the most lessons this week I have ever had in my whole mission. The most I have ever had is 28, and this week we had 35. Yes, 35.

Las Hermanas de Grijalva

And.... randomly Hermano J is progressing. I don't think I've ever prayed or fasted so much in my whole mission or my whole life as I had for this miracle to happen. We have been fasting almost every Sunday of this cambio.. and dude... it's working. 

Hermano J., a 25 year old medical student, who before usually just half-way listened to what we were teaching Hermana D and Hermano C.... has been coming to church! He is praying and reading! He fasted this last Sunday. 

He has a ton of hard finals this week.... and we kind of promised him that if he studied his hardest, came to church, and fasted that he would do well in all of them. GULP. Let's hope he does well! Because if he does well...he may take it as an answer that the church is true....and he should get baptized this week!!!!

Throughout this week I have learned...that even when times are rough, the best thing we can do is rely on the Lord. Because he will never fail us. With fervent fasting, prayer, scripture study, and hard work.... miracles can happen. I know it. 

Feliz Mayo and hope you are all enjoying your AC back in the states... cuz I'm not. ;)

Hermana Hansen

Enjoy more pictures from Hermana Hansen's week! 

 Area: Jardines

 Taxi with Hermanita K

 Ant Explosion from the earthquake!