Monday, October 27, 2014

Change Day, Fish, Warm Showers and Snail Mail

We're hoping you get to stay with Hermana's transfer day isn't it?  CAMBIOS HOY. Pero no se preocupe (CHANGES TODAY. But don't worry). I'm still with Mama Martinez in Central. Not a surprise because training lasts 12 weeks (2 cambios).
Yeah I know I still have a lot of work to do here in Central. NO WAY I'M LEAVING HERE. And I would be way sad if I didn't have Hermana Martinez with me every step of the way!  She is like my Mexican soul sister.

How is the food?  Are you loving it?  What do you eat every day?  What is your favorite?

So you eat most everything here with your hands or with a tortilla. Like that fish? Yeah. I ate the entire thing with only my hands. Sucked the meat off the bones and all. Not my favorite. Actually, I really hate eating fish whole. It doesn't taste too bad. It's so freaking creepy, and really hard to eat. But it's like a delicacy for some people here so they just love to feed it to us. But really that's the only thing here that I don't like.

I can eat everything here with hardly any problems. Every single other foreigner... even sometimes Mexicans from different states...get really sick from the food at the beginning. BUT NOT ME.

It's because I'm Chiapaneca. 

The only thing that's difficult is the milk along with other things like mole are REALLY HEAVY and difficult for me to eat a lot of. But, all the food here is usually really good, always served with tortillas, and there's always a ton of it.

The drinks here are so different but sooo good. A lot of Americans dont like them, but I love them! Pozol is the best. It's like this amazing chocolate drink with corn and stuff. Like all the drinks have corn or rice or something in them but it's SO GOOD. And really only in Chiapas. It's a cool cultural thing.

The kids have been studying a little bit from "Preach My Gospel" in Sunday School. How often do you use "Preach My Gospel"?  That's so cool that you guys learn out of "Preach My Gospel". It's great! You have no idea how much we use it here on the mission. Seriously, I study it literally every day! It's amazeballs.   

Do you get to take warm showers? Of course we don't have warm water!! But, seriously, a cold shower is the only way to cool down here. So it's usually not too bad. Although lately, because of the rain, it's been cold (well not for me but for everyone else). But it's too cold to shower in cold water. So we've been heating up water in the tiny microwave and tiny stove thing we have (about 30 min per person)...and dumping water over our heads in the shower so we don't freeze to death.

How often do you get letters/packages from the mission home?  I got all of your letters on Wednesday! Looks like we get letters here every 2 or 3 weeks. THANK YOU! And Hermana Martinez was so happy for her letter! She never gets letters and thought it was the cutest thing ever!!  (Hermana Hansen's little brother Beckham sent Hermana Martinez a letter)

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