Monday, November 3, 2014

Exchanges, a Lost Investigator and a Guera Squashing a Tortilla

Hola Hermosa Familia y Amigos!

Pues another week in Central! And man.... it was crazy! Started off with.... SURPRISE first intercambios (exchanges) with the Sister Training Leaders! I was way nervous for this because I thought I wouldn’t be able to communicate or understand the people without Hermana Martinez. 

 But if there’s one thing I learned durante esta intercambio is that YO PUEDO. I can do it! I was able to contact, understand, and communicate by myself! (Well, with Hermana Trad.)

 It was a great confidence booster and a great learning experience. I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there. I worked in Teran with Hermana Trad.... and they have a FREAKING WASHING MACHINE. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I nearly cried and hugged it for about 4 minutes. Hermana Trad thought I was crazy. But, I think this crazy scene somehow made her trust me because after this she really started opening up to me.... 

Hermana Trad and Hansen on intercambios

 Most importantly...I also learned more how to trust in the Lord this week. Our miracle, amazing golden investigator, and more than that, a good friend, disappeared this week. Literally disappeared without a trace. She’s from Guatemala, and lives here in Tuxtla working with her two kids.

The District: Front row: Hermanas Salazar and Hansen. Middle: Hermanas Keaton and Martinez. Back: Elders Hernandez & Johnson (from her MTC district!).

She was my contact, so I have a special connection with her. She had been to church 3 times (she came BY HERSELF) and only needed 2 more until baptism. She wanted baptism so bad. She was so ready. She already had been changed by the gospel and wanted so badly to change more.

But, according to the niña we talked to, her mom is really sick. So she left on Friday afternoon to Guatemala.... por siempre (forever). She took all of her stuff. And she recently lost her phone, so we don’t have any way to contact her. She is literally lost to us.

This just broke my heart because she really is so ready. So willing to accept the gospel and I really saw a change in her. It was like losing a best friend! Hermana Martinez and I just stood there in shock and started crying in the street.

But it’s at times like these when I need to be confident that God has a plan for us. He is looking out for her. Somehow, she will find the gospel again in Guatemala. And she will continue on, and I’ll be able to see her in the Celestial Kingdom. I know God has a plan for her, and for some reason we just needed to be a part of that plan for one short month. 

But.... on the bright side we had a lot of fun helping Mami C. in the Dia de los Muertos celebrations! I’m a pro tortilla squasher and so I helped her with that... and it seriously attracted so many customers.

Making tortillas with Mama C..go guera go!

It was hilarious. I was the only white girl there.... nevertheless speaking Spanish and making quesadillas. I’m a true Mexican!!

Manzana.... its like Mexican apple coke and it's the best thing ever!
Love you all!!
Hermana Hansen

 La Guera y Mami C. unite and bring in TONS of customers for the 
Dia de los Muertos celebration!