Monday, October 13, 2014

Birthdays, Agua Verde and Chistosos

Happy Birthday Austin y Sav!!! 

Hermana Hansen, her companion and a friend sing Happy Birthday

I cannot believe you guys are 16. You can drive.... date..... DO IT ALL. But seriously love every minute of it. Don't be afraid to ask boys or girls to dances and go to every dance you can. Just go with your friends! Seriously they are so fun. And go to all the football games and soccer games. Be involved. You will have way more fun that way. 

 I am so grateful for you, Austin and Savannah. Being on a mission has really helped me realize what I need to change to be a better big sister, and I want you to know I am ALL IN. I love you guys so much.

You are such great examples to me. You are both so talented and so hilarious and muy guapos. Don't be afraid to stand out, always work your hardest and give your all to every single thing you do. Read your scriptures and pray all the time
Seriously, it's essential in high school.

Hermana's celebrating a birthday party for a little boy in Tuxtla

 OK sorry for the missionary rant. I promise I'm not that weird.... I still say things like freak...and I still sneak peaks at the TV every once in a while for Mexican soccer games....... 

Hermana I. has two cats that look just like Elvis (Sav's cat at home)

But, I love you guys so much. Seriously! Thanks for all the emails. I hope you have the best birthday ever. EVER. EN EL MUNDO.

Love you more than you can imagine! 


We had a Birthday Party for Austin and Savannah - Chido (cool), no?

Los Chistosos  (funny things)

*Something important I forgot about our first baptism last week.... the water was green. No se porque (I don't know why). That's right.... AGUA VERDE.
Hermanas Martinez & Hansen with Hermana I. on her baptism day.

*The word for scared is miedo. This is very close to an extremely bad word in Mexico. Apparently I've been saying the bad word for like... all this time and my companion didn't notice...until I said it in front of some elders...and the elders had to correct me. AY.

Hungry Elders picking fruit from a tree near the church.

*Today I was contacting a young man on the bus. He asked me to take him back to America, invited me to a party, and then offered me some weed (which he pulled out of his bag to try to give to me). Needless to say Hermana Martinez (mi mama) was horrified. 

 In the combi (colectivo) alone... a rare occasion because people 
aren't surrounding you like pillows.

*Apparently Hermano H. (the ward mission leader and Mama C's son), walked past our apartment one night, and could like see into our windows or something. So, Mama C. (the lady who makes the huge quesadillas) freaked out for her poor missionaries, and gave us curtains to hang over our windows. It was hilarious. 

Shout out to Mama C. for looking out for our Hermana!

Chiapas rocks. Spanish is hard. But I understand the city accent now... it's the Tonala y Honduras accents that throw me off.

Hermana I. makes THE BEST food!

(The mission is the best!

Hermana Hansen