Monday, October 20, 2014

Nothing is a Coincidence

Mexico gets better and better every week! 


Los Chistosos

**The other day we made a contact. As we walked away, the guy we were talking to yelled, "Estoy soltero!" (I'm single.) Yeah. Not sure how interested he actually is in the gospel.

**There have been two earthquakes since I've been here. The first one was short, yet powerful, and apparently... somehow I didn't feel it. We were eating and everyone started freaking out. I didn't understand what was happening, because it was like my second week here and still didn't understand anything. So, I just continued eating my chicken. Suddenly everyone was looking at me and started laughing because I was just chillin' so calmly. Poor gringa.

The other earthquake was this week. We were laying in our beds trying to sleep when it happened. It felt like I was in a water bed. My bed moved like 6 inches. It was freaking awesome.

Hermana Hansen's trademark peace-sign-duck-face.

**I hit a car. No, the car did not hit me. I hit a car. And now have a gross bruise and cut on my leg that will probably scar.

**When I was getting out of the combi, I totally fell on my face. All the people in the combi (about 15) just stared at me. So I got up, gave them a peace sign duck face, and went on my way as Hermana Martinez stood in shock.

Tuxtla Gutierrez LDS Temple

So we had the opportunity to go to the temple this week!!! YES. THE TEMPLE. It was so freaking awesome. And all in Spanish!! Which was amazing. The gospel is the same no matter where you are... in Mexico or Utah. It's so awesome.
This week my testimony has grown even more about how the Lord has a plan, he prepares his people, and everything was pre-designed before this life. We found out this week that my first convert's (Hermana I.'s) dad, who lives in California for work, has accepted to listen to the missionaries. And guess who's teaching him? My friend from high school, Logan Passey, and his Mexican companion! QUE EN EL MUNDO! (what in the world!)
Hermana I.'s Baptism Day
Nothing is a coincidence.  I've also seen how God prepares his I've seen people so readily accept the gospel and want to change. It's amazing. 

Does this mean missionary work is easy? We walk and walk for hours and hours and talk with countless people with no success some days. Lessons fall through... ya. But after a trial of our faith.. there are always milagros (miracles)

Por ejemplo..(for example)...This week we didn't have much success. But at the end of the week, we contacted a reference, a young man, who is 18 years old. He's had all of the discussions before, but moved before he could be baptised. Well now he's back for school, and wants to change again and be baptised. He has such an amazing spirit! I can truly see the light of Christ in him.

We also found another family who's hearts are prepared to teach, and a muchacha who came to church ON HER OWN. Which never happens. The Lord really does prepare his people. And I love the people here so much.

It's a lot of work, every day is a challenge. Most wards have 4 missionaries and ours only has 2... us. So our area is twice the size of every other missionaries area. So yeah... a lot of walking. But on the plus side my calves have never looked better! They are perfect, besides the bug bites!

 (In the picture above) See that tiny little white skyscraper right in the middle in the distance? That's the end of our area. There is even more behind me. It's insane. MUCHO CAMINAR. (much walking)

What do you love most about your companion?

Freak she is awesome. Everyday I realize more and more that she is the Mexican version of me... except she can belly dance. Although if I were Mexican I'd probably know how to belly dance tambien (also). So yeah.

But she is so patient with my terrible Spanish and helps me so much. I learn so much from her everyday!

I also help her with English. She can understand me usually when I talk English to her. And she knows a bunch of English phrases now so it's hilarious when she talks English to me in her cute little Mexican accent. She serves me all the time and honestly is just amazing. She's like mi mama!!

Anything you're really glad you packed and brought with you now that you've had a month in the country?

Hermana Hansen and Martinez's study area.
Actually I wish I would have packed less. I have way too much crap. And I wish I wouldn't have bought anything nice or expensive. I don't wear it anyways because I don't want to stand out more and once you see how you wash it you realize it's gonna be ruined in a month anyways.

SO yeah, advice for anyone going to any place like Mexico?  Pack only what it says on the list.  Seriously.  You'll probably want to buy stuff here anyways.  But bring more garments then listed.  You can never have too many garments.

I love you all!! 
Hermana Hansen