Monday, December 28, 2015

Skyping with our missionary on Christmas Day (best gift ever!)

We loved skyping with Hermana Hansen on Christmas Day! Our call was delayed, as it was difficult to find a cyber open on Christmas. But after an hour and a half of shenanigans...they finally found a cyber they could skype from (the original place they had made previous arrangements with were no-shows). While we visited, the cute people that owned the cyber brought them a yummy holiday drink only made around Christmas time.

She said when they woke up Christmas morning they had no running water or electricity...Merry Christmas Hermanas! haha She also said they had attended a fun Christmas party with other Elders and Hermanas in their District earlier that day.

District Christmas Party! Games and yummy food!

On Christmas Eve, they visited with a fun family who had bought fireworks for the occasion. Hermana Hansen was in charge of dessert and taught them how to make S'mores...this was a new experience for them.

I attempted to record part of Hermana Hansen's testimony. Sorry for the poor quality...we had a bad connection...and a very noisy 4 year old.