Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Random Facts about Teopisca...

*Along with stray dogs and cats, there are stray horses and cows... roaming through the streets. We will be contacting in the street and my companion usually has to pull me out of the way of two things, 1. mototaxis or 2. a stray horse or cow. It's whatevs.

*We had a pretty strong earthquake a couple of weeks ago, and ever since there's been weird weather. It started out raining and now its freezing cold in the mornings and super hot during the day. (Not quite Tapachula hot... but you know).

*Along with the hobbit hills, the water truck plays hobbit music.... it's very fitting.

*How people give direccions here. 
Me: Where do you live?
Them: Over there!
Me: But where over there? 
Them: Over there! You can't miss it.
Me: OK, on what street?
Them: Oh... I don't know. But it's right by the corn mill! 
Me: Ohhh, OK, so on calzada de panteon?
Them: Yeah! Right over there!!
Me: OK, what number is your house?
Them: Oh... it doesn't have a number.... but I'll describe how you get there! You go walking down this street... and right in the corner there's a 2 floored green house. I don't live there. You just keep going and you pass a little store and 4 or 5 dogs.... it's not there either. Like 4 or 5 houses before the first green house I told you about.... yeah that's my house. It's a block house, with a black door. (AKA.... EVERY SINGLE HOUSE IN TEOPISCA)...

*There is constant marimba music.

Christmas Dinner
*Locked doors are unheard of.

*People grow their corn, cut their corn, mash their corn, and make handmade corn tortillas IT'S DELISH.


That's all for today, it was great to see you all on Christmas!!! 

Hermana Hansen

 Since we didn't have power on Christmas morning..we made s'mores for breakfast