Monday, August 3, 2015

I'm His servant and I love it

It's been one of those "Like que paso esta semana?" kind of weeks. It's been full of 2 six-hour bus rides, planning meetings, 10 hours of conferences, frappozol, taco parties, selfies, iguanas en la calle, miracles, and much much more....

Like I can't even remember what happened.

We had the super consejo in Tuxtla on Tuesday. This meant Hermana Ortega and I spent all Monday afternoon in our old area, Central (where we were both born) visiting the members!! It was awesome! 

 Hermana I. and Family

We got to see Hermana I. and her family, Mama C., and some others! Everyone was so happy to see us, and they were all amazed at my Spanish (Not that it's amazing now. But since I was born there...I hardly spoke the language when they all knew me). It was super fun :) 

 Mama C and crew!
Tuesday was a game changer, because it was the LAST SUPER CONSEJO DE ELDER BRASS. And it was honestly the best super consejo I've been too. In this consejo, we give a report to the President and the assistants in front of all of the other zone and sister training leaders about our zone, what we improved on and what we need to improve. 

And....just as it turns out, our zone was the Zona Bautizadora and the Zona de Honor, which means we had the most baptisms and did the best overall. As we were giving our report about all we've done with the rescues and everything, the look on Presidentes face was the best! He was just so happy! 
Then we presented our plan on what we are going to improve investigators. We have a goal to have 2000 new investigaros this month. New investigators that are golden and that are going to improve and get baptised. We came up with a plan to do this. It's called SEGUIDME.

We ask the question to everyone, the missionaries, then the members, then the recent converts and less actives, and then the contacts in the street, "Que espera Jesucristo de usted?" It's an inspired question, which causes them to think. We then read with them 2 Nefi 31:10-11. If it's a contact we invite them to baptism in this moment. This plan has been given to us inspired by the Lord to help us find new investigators. 

 Hermana Baker and Hansen reunited as Sister Training Leaders in Tuxtla...
after being companions in the MTC one year ago

But something I've learned during my year as a missionary, is that it is NOT about the numbers. Yes,we strive to have high numbers. Of course, we want to be the best in everything we possibly can. But not for our own achievement or recognition. For HIM. 
Every person we contact, every person we help to baptism, is one of His children. It's a soul. As missionaries we help others reach their full potential through the atonement of Jesus Christ. A soul, a child of God, who then can help countless other children come unto Him. Return to Him. 

We are not doing our Seguidme Inictiative to be proud of what we've done as a zone. Or have the goal of 2000 new investigators for our own glory or achievement. It's because if we really do all this, think about all the souls we can help. That we can save. Our goals are high because salvation is high. And as we are all striving to reach them, as a zone, we become more like Him. Because he was completely focused on others, and he wanted the best for us. That's why He died for us. So if anyone doubts, or asks why we have these goals, remember it's for Him, not for us. 
Ether 12:4  Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety, hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.

Love you all. I've got 6 months left to tear Chiapas apart and find every single person who wants to come unto Him. I'm His servant, and I love it.

Hermana Hansen

 Thanks Hayley & family for the package! You saved us from hunger!


Pizza at 8 AM!!