Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Escogidos to the Max!

Cambiosssss and Hermana Ortega and I are still together in Bonanza! Best news ever cuz she's the best comp in the world. We did a list of things that we have in common, and found over 50 weird things.... like we both threw up after we got our wisdom teeth out. COMPAÑERISMA DIVINA PIÑA

Sad news is there are a lot of changes in our zone. They closed an area so we lost some of our Hermanas. Elder Brass finished so we are getting a new zone leader. :( We will miss him so much!! He's like our brother. This cambio with my familia de Tap Mex has been a great one, full of miracles and new ideas. We are a zone of action, and hopefully we can take all we learned and keep it up. I will miss this transfer. It might have been the best one of my mission so far...but there are more great things to come!!!!

Farewell to Elder Brass our zone leader

One of the best things to see this week has been the progression of our golden investigators Hermnao H. and his son. I've seen escogidos before... but never THIS escogido. Hermano H. came to church 2 times before he met us. The first time a friend brought him, but told him he needed to go to his own ward. So, the next Sunday she sent him to the right building, but at the wrong time! He got there at 8 AM but our ward doesnt start until 11 AM! So he waited for an hour, attended the ward at 9, and then stuck around to finish out our ward until 2! 

He has such a strong testimony already, and his 14 year old son does as well. When we were scheduling our next appointment with them, we said, "Is it okay if we stop by in 3 days?"
His son said, "THAT LONG?!" 

Haha! He's always outside playing futbol with his friends, and always comes running in and stops playing just for the lessons! They always set up a little table out back, and give us bolis, and always send us home with tamales de chipilin! It's so awesome, cuz we are used to teaching on dirty broken chairs or piles of laundry or buckets usually. They are the best ever.

They are both reading the Book of Mormon and know that it's true. Our experience with them so far has really shown me that GOD PREPARES HIS CHILDREN. We do not need to force people to listen to our message, or to go to church, because there really are escogidos waiting for us. 
Love you all! 

Hermana Hansen