Monday, June 15, 2015

Vi una Columna de Luz

This week was just full of Mexican adventures... from killing chickens to breaking into our own house... to teaching lessons on a sketchy roof watching the sunset as the druggies smoked weed a few floors down.

Ah, Chiapas. LO AMO.

Yep... I killed a chicken, then ate the chicken...during service for the Bishop's family. Unfortunately, due to nerves and lack of experience, I took like 15 seconds to kill the poor thing. It should only take like 3-5. But although it suffered, I repented by eating it with delicious mole, and promising to chicken souls everywhere that I will be braver next time and kill it fast.

 My chicken..and delicious mole

We also left our keys in our house... twice...which made for a whole lot of awkward adventures. We called Hermanito M., one of the members kids from down the street, and ended up sliding him through the bars in the window (it's a miracle his head fit through). He then retrieved the keys I left on the fridge. This happened Wednesday and Sunday. The first time it was funny, but the second time it was just awkward. NO MORE LEAVING THE KEYS IN THE HOUSE.

Breaking and Entering

I think possibly my favorite part about being a missionary is sharing the first vision. The mission is really the ONLY time that I will be able to share it, in Joseph´s very own words. (well I mean I could after as well....but people might find it kind of weird if randomly VI UNA COLUMNA DE LUZ MAS BRILLANTE QUE EL SOL. Yeah... mejor no.)

Baptism day!

 On intercambios, and with all of my companions, everyone does it differently. It's really beautiful to see how everyone shares it differently. I love it! But...some missionaries just rush through it like a memorized text and it's just like..WHAT NO! DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT IS IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT AND SACRED MOMENT IN THIS DISPENSACION THAT WE ARE SHARING?! Ughhhhh seriously stabs my heart every time.

This cute Hermana got her mission call!

One thing that I learned in the MTC that I never have forgotten, is how the investigator should feel when we share the first vision. And man, when we share it like the sacred experience that it was, the spirit is so strong you could take a brick to it and the atmosphere wouldn't break. It's always the most amazing experience. I enjoy every time I get to share it because I know that my time here is short. 

I challenge you all to read the first vision, put yourself in Joseph's shoes, and let your testimony soar.

I love you all. I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ, restored through un joven humble enough to ask God in sincere prayer, and that we can all receive the same testimony through fervent and sincere prayer.

Hermana Hansen

If you've got a Origin.. A beautiful message about 
finding truth..thru inspiration and prayer.

En Espanol

Enjoy more pics from Hermana Hansen's week!

 Feliz cumple Hermana Mec!!

Cake and a pizza party! 

Newly shined shoes (6 pesos... no idea why I haven't done that before!)

 Playing Basketball

Prepping the chickens for dinner