Monday, June 8, 2015

Lice is the secret to beautiful, healthy hair (TMI?)

So, the only big news I have this week is that I had lice. Not just like, your normal, I live in Mexico and so I'm bound to get one or two kinds of lice. But like.....80 of them. I mean, I´ve been lice free for 20 years. Guess I was bound to get it sometime.

What's super that I had so much lice it took us about 3 days to clean it all out. So on my second lice-hair filled day, I went out to work. For some reason like 10 people commented on how shiny and good my hair looked. I guess a little lice is the beauty secret to healthy looking hair....... HA NOT. Ew. So gross. I still have phantom itches. Luckily my comps the bomb and is a pro lice killer.

Well, miracles happened this week. We found 2 new investigators. They are so ready to get baptized that they are practically jumping in the font as we speak.... haha.

One is a reference from the bishop, his niece! We´ve been really trying to gain the confidence of the bishop and his family lately. So we went to their house to do a little service. His niece was sitting there with her baby. I've seen her in church a few times. So we starting talking to her. 
When we asked how long she's been a member, she said, "Oh, I'm not yet. But I've actually been thinking about it a lot and I would love to get baptized." 

UM WAT. We´ve had a super escogido investigator sitting right under our noses all this time and we didn't even realize it!!! We looked at the bishops wife, like, "What the heck? Why didn't you give us this reference forever ago?" And then she whispered to us, "It's that she just barely moved in your area and I really wanted you guys to teach her!!" It really goes to show that we are gaining the trust of the bishops family!!! A little service can go a long way...

We also received a reference from the Hermanas de barrio Palmas in our zone. It's the girlfriend of one of their members. She had been going to their ward, but came with us on Sunday. We talked to her, and she also wants to get baptized as soon as possible.

She told us, "I just really think its important that we can preach the word of Christ to everyone. That we can help everyone come to church to change their lives for the better." 
Wow..... yeah future missionary right there. 
And for the last miracle...God protects His missionaries. We have an investigator on the 3rd floor of a building. On the 2nd floor, just around some sketchy cement stairs..there is this devil dog that tries to attack us every time we pass. Usually its chain is too short to do us any harm. But these last couple of times the chain has been longer and this freaking dog has jumped the barrier and almost killed us. Well... bit us. 

So I was on intercambios with Hermana Zamora, who has an injured  foot and can't do stairs very well. It was time to come down the stairs. We had to go super slow for her foot, and the whole time I was praying that this dog wouldn't hear us and come out and attack us. 
Literally as soon as we get out of the kill zone, this dog comes out of nowhere and almost takes of the ear of the member we were with. Seriously, a miracle, because usually it comes out right when we are in the middle of the stairs. We can run from it, but Hermana Zamora can't. MILAGROS.

Needless to say, I've taken out that weird dog repeller mom sent me that I haven't used at all since I've gotten here...but we used it on the dumb dog and it seemed to work!! woohOo!! 

 I'm loving the mission, the pozol, being a sister training leader, my companion, Spanish, my investigators...and just love helping them really change their lives.

Being a representative of Christ is literally the best. 


Hermana Hansen