Wednesday, September 10, 2014

That's Why I'm Here....I Will Find You

Final(?) midweek letter written on P-day from Hermana Hansen before she flies out to Mexico this Sunday....with some more MTC Q&A.

Hola Mi Familia!!

Can you believe that I've been here for exactly a month today? (Sept 6Man, time flies!  I'm leaving for Mexico in 8 DIAS! (actually 4 days now...eeeks)  Es muy loco!

I hope you have enjoyed all the letters and long emails now because I doubt I'll have as much time for that in Mexico!! I'll do my best though, because I love writing letters and keeping you informed.

So I'll start by sharing a few super cool experiences I had this week!

Hermanas with Brother Snyder
First, it was Hermano Snyder's last day on Monday (Sept 1st).  Our whole district was crying like off and on all day.  It was such a spiritual day.  We miss him so much!

We sang "God be with you 'til we meet again" en espanol to him and we haven't been able to get it out of our heads since!  We never really get to listen to music here so there is nothing to counteract it.   We whistle it 24/7.

Hermano Snyder has made such an impact on my life!  He has taught me about the impact of sincerity.  He helped me learn how to always follow the spirit.  He taught me and helped me realize my potential as a missionary.  And he was never afraid to be blunt or push us a little harder.  He reminded me what it means to work hard again.  He has been like an older brother to me.  I miss him!

We left Hermano Snyder with a (post it note) surprise.... "Snyd's Wild Ride"

We got to Skype a woman in Mexico City and teach her!  That was cool.  We could understand her pretty well, but she was talking very slow.  And I'm pretty sure she was laughing at our Spanish.  Si MON!

Man, I just love my teachers so much!  Yesterday night was amazing.  I felt like the veil was so thin in this moment.  Hermana Toleofoa told us that her mission president told her that we all made covenants with our companions before this life.    We made covenants about who we would find and teach.  I'm telling you, the veil was so thin!  The Spirit was so strong!

These people in Mexico, these people I'm going to teach were my friends in the pre-existence.  I just can't remember them.  And to think of the faith that we all had to come down to earth.  Them, knowing they were going to be born without the fullness of the gospel.  And me, knowing I would be, promising to come find them.

Hermana Bunderson says she imagines it went something like this:  "You're going to rescue me, right?  You're going to find me, right?"  "Right.  I will.  I will find you."

The spirit testified to me that this is true.  I felt the veil become thinner as I saw these people I need to find!  You know when something's on the tip of your tongue, but you can't say it?  Yeah, I felt like I can almost see their faces, right on the tip of my mind, but I just can't see them.  I can almost remember, but I can't.  I feel it with every piece of my soul.

I feel it.  I won't stop I can't stop trying, searching.  Because if I do, someone might be left behind.  One of my friends.  How could I turn down this opportunity?  How could I waste this chance?

Alma 36:24 says, "yea, and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance, that I might bring them to taste of the exceeding joy of which I did taste; that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost."

Me encanta esta escritura mucho mucho mucho!! (I love this scripture a lot!!)  From the time Alma has his mighty change of heart, he labors without ceasing, so others can taste of the joy he knows!  That's why I'm here!  That's what I need to do to find these people.  Labor without ceasing.

After we had this discussion we all sang "The Spirit of God" en espanol (my Fav Hymn!).  The Spirit, again, was so strong!

Out district was in a circle and we were all just smiling at each other as we sang because we are family!  We only have one week left together and out time is precious.

I love my district and I'm gonna miss them!  I also love Hermana Toleofoa!  But dude, I'm so ready for Mexico! 

MTC District with teachers Ashby, Snyder and Toleofoa

With so much study time every day how do you stay focused?  

Well... I'm just barely figuring that out!  I usually study hard for 45 minutes to 1 hour and then take a ten minute break.  Now, we have less time to study, so if I want to get all my required language study done and the extra I need I have to study during lunch and walking between classes as well.  Also, lots of prayer.  LOTS OF PRAYER!!

How is the food at the MTC? 

It's glorified Cannon Center food.  Just as greasy, but better tasting.  At West Campus we only have one option, so we like to visit main campus sometimes for lunch because they have a billion different options.

They have these pretty good salad wraps, and if I bat my eyelashes at the guy who makes them he'll go get cooked chicken from a different area to put on it.  I don't think that's allowed.  But I do it anyways.

Well, after tomorrow we will be the 'oldest' missionaries here at the MTC!  Also, a new group of missionaries came in, another advanced group only here for two weeks, and so we have another Elder going to Tuxtla Gutierrez with us!   Woo hoo!!

OK, well this is a long letter!  But en serio thank you so much for all the stuff you've been sending me!  I love you!

Hermana Hansen