Saturday, September 6, 2014

Funny Stuff, Flight Plans & Embarrassing Moments!

Hola diablos!!!

Wow, I don't have a lot of time to email this week! I only have like 15 minutes! I have some spiritual stuff to share in a letter later.

 Hermanas Baker, Hansen, Bunderson and Steele


I leave on SUNDAY, September 14th! We leave the MTC and catch a flight around midnight! Fly to Georgia, then Mexico City, arriving in Tuxtla in the afternoon on Monday!! Only sad part is our district is getting split up! We will only be flying with the Tuxtla missionaries  The Juarez missionaries along with Chile and El Salvador all take different flights later on Monday. 

Dirty Dr Peppers! Thanks Andy!!
(it's just coconut syrup added to Dr Pepper) 
Funny moments from the week:
Hermano Ashby ninja kicked me. I was looking down, grabbing my Altoids out of my bag, when suddenly I hear, "AY AY AY!!!" I look up just in time to see a crazy look in Hermano Ashby's eyes as he proceeds to ninja kick me. Like, I'm not kidding...he was completely off the ground as his shoe made contact with my leg.

I looked up at him, bewildered, thinking if he wanted a mint he could of just asked, and said, "Que en el mundo se pasa?!" He looked so flustered, and with his eyes wide, said some random gibberish in español. The only words I got out of it were "protección" y "muy largo insecto!!"

Hermana Hansen and Sister Saige Anderson (one of her friends from high school)

So then I jumped up and Hermano Ashby told me to turn around. So, I awkwardly spun around like Katniss Everdeen except less graceful (and not on fire) as the missionaries around me and Hermano Ashby looked for the large bug that was on my skirt. Well, it turns out that Hermano Ashby's ninja kick worked, because we found it dead on the floor. It was a freaking huge spider!! Like the size of a quarter! The entire class was laughing so hard. and Hermano Ashby was just like: "Por su protección!" It was fabulous.

Jill and Audrey--- both are Sisters from my BYU ward!!

Durante clase Hermano Ashby said something about being fancy, so I started singing, "Yo soy Fancy!" Hermano Ashby gave me the "I think this is funny but we are in the MTC so I have to give you the death look" and I went all shifty eyed and said, "uh... i mean... Yo soy un Hijo de Dios....." Hahahahhahahaha

 Hermana Hansen and Elder Cram another friend from high school

So, remember the banana bandits? Yeah, turns out it was OUR VERY OWN SO CALLED RESPONSIBLE DISTRICT LEADERS (who left on Monday). I actually guessed it was them all along.... I knew that calm look was just an act.  They had been way to keen on helping us find out who it was. 

THE BANANA BANDITS. AY! (Elder Bowen and Elder Murphy....demons)

What's your most embarrassing moment at the MTC?

Well, I don't get embarrassed easily..or I guess I do but then I get over it and move on. But I guess I could tell you of some moments that may have been awkward/embarrassing for other people.

1) In my past life, I called everyone babe. So, I've slipped up a couple of times and called a couple of Elders babe.

Elders trying to listen to real world music
 through the speaker on the bus...
2) The very first day (at the MTC) we were sitting on the bus and the girl next to me was sitting on my skirt. So when I stood up it kind of slid down and I flashed at least 15 elders.

3) I thought I was playing footsie with my companion and it was actually an Elder who thought it was his companion. Moral of the story? Don't play footsie with ANYTHING under the table..even if you think its your companion or a table leg.

4. So during the Sisters meeting on the very first Sunday (in the MTC) they told us that part of being a sister missionary was SHAVING YOUR LEGS. I kid you not. It was appalling! I have blond hair. Nobody's touching my legs! You can't even tell if they're hairy! I only shave them like once a week! So I was getting worked up about this one day and I said something (rather loudly) to the effect of: "THEY WANT US TO SHAVE OUR LEGS EVERYDAY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I NEVER SHAVE MY LEGS!!" And Hermano Ashby walked in right at that moment with this shocked look on his face. His eyes were HUGE! hahaha!

Okay! I gotta go!


Con Amor, 

Hermana Hansen

 Hermana Hansen's last day to receive letters, dear elders or packages at her MTC address is this Friday, September 12th.  

Sister Jordyn Kylee Hansen
2023 N 900 E Unit 836
Provo UT 84602