Monday, September 7, 2015

Tapachula.. the land of Miracles...

My joy is FULL. Because we baptised an eternal investigator!!! Well, honestly we didn't do much of anything... it was all the Spirit and the Lord. We just filled out the baptism record.

Hermana M. is the wife of Hermano P., who joined the church 3 years ago. She listened to the discussions with her husband, but never once went to church. She had been baptized Catholic when she was little, later got baptized Baptist...and she was never getting baptised again and that was that! 
But over the summer, she started praying to God. She wanted to know what she should do, because her husband was baptized in a different church. She knew if she wanted to be with him forever, they needed to have the same baptism. She asked God that if the Mormon church was true, that He would let her know through some sort of sign
A few weeks later, her husband lost consciousness and was in critical condition for a few days. This experience really scared her, she thought she was going to lose her husband. But, she felt a manifestation of the spirit that this was her sign, that she should get baptized in the Mormon she just needed a testimony.

So, she acted with faith. She went to church with her husband for the first time, without us even inviting her to do so! She actually went to church 3 times before we could even find her in her house and start teaching her the lessons. Poco un poco, her testimony grew. She completed all of her commitments, even the little extra reading assignments in the back of the pamphlets! 
Seriously, in the lessons she has taught us more than we taught her, I'm sure. So, she sewed her own baptism dress, and got baptized on Saturday. 

The only problem was, because of her health, she needed to get baptized in warm water. (Note: warm water in Tapachula IS UNHEARD OF. It practically does not exist) So we decided maybe we could heat up a few gallons of water in the Relief Society room and throw it in right before her baptism. We did it... and we prayed a lot that it would work. So, Hermana M steps in the water... and starts shivering like no one's business. Our attempts to heat up the water DID NOT WORK... not at all. 
 Afterwards we were apologizing, saying we did everything we could... and she said, "Oh sisters, don't worry. I'm sure you did everything you could do... but Jesus didn't want my water warm!" 
Ha ha! I guess it's true...a test of her faith! Although she was very cold in the moment, miraculously the next day she wasn't sick! She said she woke up with a cold, but by ten in the morning it was gone!!! FAITH PEOPLE. FAITH. 
Right after she was baptized, I said, "Well sister, you've been baptized Catholic, Baptist, and now Mormon. How do you feel?" 
She said, "Well it's my last one that's for sure. It's the only true one anyways." :) JOY. 
Love you all! Tapachula is good! We are loving the rain, and staying off of the freeway (Since we saw a hit and run yesterday. Luckily, the ambulance came quickly...I think. :/ Pray for him)! 

Hermana Hansen 

 Laundry Day


We might have left the keys in the house...
(this is the house of the Hermanas de Vistahermosa...We were on intercambios!) 

 One hour later!!!!